Gross currant is a popular variety

Gross currant is a popular variety

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Probably, it is very difficult to look for a personal plot where there are no currant bushes. The berry became so popular through high content of vitamin C and other nutrients... The amount of this vitamin in the vitamin currant depends on the variety, location and weather conditions.

Gross currant black is very valuable for its medicinal properties not only of berries, but of leaves and branches. This variety has a medium height shrub, rather compact. The berries are large, weighing about three to four grams, black in color and round in shape, with a dense skin. Differs in excellent taste.

Currant bushes, as a rule, are long-lived, and gross, which reaches 25 years, is no exception. But, most fruitful 2 - 4 year old shoots. The root system of the bush is highly developed, in old bushes the roots can penetrate up to 1 - 1.5 meters in depth.

Gross currant resistant to severe frost in winter and drought in summer... This is an early variety, the berries ripen 35 - 40 days after flowering. In general, the currant, unpretentious to the soil, but feels good on nutrient-rich soils, although it grows and bears fruit on sandy, clayey, loamy.

To get a decent harvest of currants annually, the bush needs to be shaped: remove weak, old, ingrown shoots. It is very simple to propagate currants. This can be done by dividing the bush, layering or cuttings.

Gross currants are valued for their taste, useful substances, and unpretentious care. Therefore, everyone can grow this crop on their site.

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