What care is needed for pepper in the garden?

 What care is needed for pepper in the garden?

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So, you sowed the seeds on time, carefully and skillfully looked after the young seedlings, made a pick of the seedlings into separate cups and by the summer have grown healthy and strong seedlings of peppers. But it is too early to stop there! Timely and correct pepper care will provide you with an excellent harvest. Next, there will be several simple, but mandatory operations necessary for the formation of a large number of large and tasty fruits.

Preparing the beds
Two weeks before planting seedlings in the ground, it is imperative to prepare the soil. The soil on the beds should be loose, for this you need to dig it up on a shovel bayonet (without turning the layer), fertilized with organic fertilizers (a bucket of humus or compost for each square meter) with the addition of a complex mineral fertilizer, for example, Kemir. By the time the seedlings are planted, the earth in the beds will settle, and little workers - earthworms - will settle in it.

Top dressing
But the pepper seedlings took root, turned green noticeably and began to grow. Buds have formed on the bushes. At this time, caring for pepper involves feeding the plants with ash, at the rate of 1-2 glasses of ash per 1 m². It is best to combine such top dressing with the first hilling and loosening of the earth. Peppers love ash very much - after such feeding, they are not afraid of either spider mites or aphids.

Another important point in pepper care is watering. Watering young plants should only be done with warm water. If you organize the moistening of the earth only in a ring behind the projection of the crown, then the root system of the pepper will develop more actively. When the bushes grow enough, you can water at the root. In peppers, the bulk of the roots is located almost near the surface - at a depth of 10-20 cm. It is this layer that must be thoroughly soaked.

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