What should be the distance between tomatoes when planting

What should be the distance between tomatoes when planting

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Tomatoes are one of the most beloved crops cultivated by Russians on their plots. One of the important conditions for obtaining a high-quality harvest is distance between tomatoes when planting them in the ground to a permanent place.

Tomatoes are a crop that loves moderate soil moisture, and if not given the right amount of water, the yield will be much less than what the plant can produce. Therefore, in order to maintain the required soil moisture, agronomists advise plant seedlings in trenchesdug out to the width and depth of a shovel bayonet.

Before planting, the trenches are well moistened with several buckets of water. Strong seedlings are planted in wet trenches, sprinkling the roots with a small amount of soil. Depending on the height of the seedlings, you need to choose the optimal distance between the tomatoes in the trench. For low-growing varieties, it can be within 40-50 cm, and the distance between trenches is 50-70 cm.

There is no need to cover the ground between the tomato bushes.... After planting all the tomatoes, the trenches must be filled up to the top with mown grass and tamped a little. As the grass dries up and subsides, add a new portion a few more times.

Watering for tomatoes in trenches is needed much less often than with the usual method of planting seedlings in holes. The moisture in the trenches is stored much longer, which means that you can expect not only a larger harvest, but also a decrease in the hassle associated with watering.

A similar method of planting tomatoes in trenches will help to obtain relatively big harvests favorite vegetable, not particularly straining in terms of its regular watering.

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