How to grow Chinese cabbage. Growing features

How to grow Chinese cabbage. Growing features

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Cabbage is a favorite vegetable on our table; it is one of the most common cultivated plants. Although, not everyone knows how to grow Chinese cabbage so that you get an excellent harvest. It must be borne in mind that this plant is of short daylight hours, therefore, the decisive condition is the correctly chosen sowing time.

You need to sow it either in mid-April (if the land is ready and the weather permits), or in the second half of summer.

Exists a few rulesthat help you achieve good results.

1. The best precursors for Chinese cabbage are garlic or onions. You can not plant after plants of the cruciferous family (radishes, cabbage and others), since they have the same diseases and pests.
2. You need to sow seeds in a permanent place, the plant is rather difficult to take root after transplanting.
3. When planting in July, there is no spring moisture in the soil, so for better germination, the hole is first spilled with cold water, allowing it to be absorbed, and then the seeds are laid out. Then it remains only to cover them with dry soil, throwing herbs on top to retain moisture.
4. When the heads of cabbage begin to tie, the leaves must be tied at the top or pulled off with a ring from a plastic bottle.

Then everything is as usual - to water, loosen, fight diseases and pests. Cruciferous fleas can appear in hot summer. And since Chinese cabbage is a very early ripening crop, no poisons can be used... It is better to sprinkle the plants with ash or just road dust.

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