Cucumber seedlings turn yellow

Cucumber seedlings turn yellow

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Many gardeners, even with vast experience, are often faced with yellowing of cucumber seedlings... Several factors can serve as the reason for this negative phenomenon:

If you grow cucumber seedlings in small cups, it is very likely that the plant will wither due to its small volume, since the roots do not receive enough space and adequate nutrition. The plant needs to be transplanted and the sooner the better.

Withering seedlings may be a consequence lack of food, in particular nitrogen. In this case, it is better to carry out one more additional feeding with Vermistim or Azogran for everything. An insufficient amount of manganese in the soil can also become the cause of the disease.

It is worth noting that yellowing may be due precisely to the fact that the plant has already outgrown and for a long time it's time to plant it in a permanent place.

The yellowing of the cotyledon leaves is often associated with insufficient light... Place the plant where the light is most favorable.

And of course it's worth mentioning all kinds of diseases, such as: powdery mildew, root rot, fusarium wilting, pernosporosis, melon aphids and spider mites. Each of these diseases has certain symptoms and, accordingly, plant treatment methods. If you start the yellowing of seedlings in the early stages, this can lead to the death of the plant.

If the plant is planted correctly and is in the right conditions, then there will be absolutely no problems. Do not forget to follow the care regimen and the periods most suitable for planting, then the harvest will delight you all year round.

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