How to plant onion sets to get an excellent harvest

How to plant onion sets to get an excellent harvest

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In central Russia, and not only there, the planting of onion sets is gaining more and more popularity. Although perhaps not everyone knows how to plant onion setsin order to harvest a large harvest, while minimizing the cost of financial and time resources.

The advantage of onion sets over seeds is the ability to harvest much earlier. In addition, the rapid development of plants makes it possible to obtain marketable onions even on scarce soils.

The first step is to purchase healthy planting material, the bulbs must be at least 15-20 mm in size. Sick, dry or sprouted for planting are not suitable.

After purchasing seeds and asking the question "How to plant onion sets?", You need to prepare the soil for planting. This kind of onion is pretty picky about fertility, preferring sandy loam and loamy moisture permeable soils. Having dug up the area allotted for planting to a depth of 35-40 centimeters, you need to remove weeds with roots and level the ground. You can make a small hill by fencing it with wooden boards.

Before planting onion sets, be sure to check the soil: it must be warm. When planting in cold ground, the harvest may not wait. In addition, a few hours before planting the onion, it is advisable to water the garden with warm water.

After preparing the beds, pits are made about 2 centimeters deep, so that between the plants in the rows it is about 10 cm, between the rows - 25 cm. The onions are carefully placed in the hole and covered with earth. As a result, after planting, a small upper part of the bulb should remain above the soil.

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