Festivalnaya strawberries and other varieties of strawberries

Festivalnaya strawberries and other varieties of strawberries

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One of the most beloved berries grown in the garden is strawberries. Each of its varieties is useful, since strawberries contain folic acid, vitamins A, K, PP, B2 and B9.


  • Classification of strawberry varieties
  • Benefits of remontant strawberries
  • Strawberry Elizabeth II
  • Strawberry Festivalnaya
  • Brighton strawberry
  • Strawberry Lyubava

Classification of strawberry varieties

  • Fruiting once a season. Such strawberries are most often large-fruited, due to one-time fruiting.
  • Fruiting several times per season. This strawberry variety is more popular than others due to multiple yields, frost resistance, and resistance to various diseases and drought.
  • Small-fruited varieties.

Any strawberry variety is additionally divided according to the ripening period:

  • early maturing;
  • mid-season;
  • late ripening.

Benefits of remontant strawberries

Strawberries that bear fruit for most of the year in the garden, and in greenhouses all year round, are called all-season or remontant.

In recent years, it is this variety that is gaining worldwide popularity due to the fact that a bountiful harvest is collected with it many times a year. However, the quality of fruiting decreases after the first flowering. The main strawberries popular among remontant varieties are Festivalnaya, Elizabeth II, Brighton and Lyubava.

Strawberry Elizabeth II

Popular early ripening remontant strawberry, producing sweet-sour fruits weighing up to 100 grams, sweet-sour, with the smell of wild berries. Bears fruit evenly throughout the summer with bright red berries. Its bushes are powerful, winter-hardy, do not let in extra leaves and whiskers, but in a rainy season it can be amazed by gray rot.

Strawberry Festivalnaya

Mid-season strawberry Festivalnaya is one of the high-yielding strawberry varieties. Its berries are large, at the first harvest up to 45 grams, oblong and bright red. The pulp is pink, medium-dense, tasty. This variety is resistant to various diseases and pests, but prone to infection (wilting).

Brighton strawberry

Brighton strawberry is one of the strong flowering varieties. Its berries are shiny, large, red and conical. They can be up to 50 grams each. Sweet and sour to taste, with a slight pineapple aftertaste. This variety gives rather dense berries, therefore, it is suitable for transportation over long distances. The process of growing this strawberry is easier, because as a result of selection, it has been instilled with a natural resistance to various pests.

Strawberry Lyubava

Early ripe strawberry Lyubava is one of the new varieties of remontant strawberries. Her berries are medium in size, weighing up to 30 grams and have a peculiar oval-rhombic shape. It tastes like strawberries. This strawberry is very resistant to frost and long-term transportation. Its advantage is resistance to fungi, drought and frost. And the peculiarity of Lyubava is that it belongs to the beardless types of strawberries. Due to this, all the nutrients obtained by the plant from the soil are used for the formation of a large crop.

Summer residents are very pleased with remontant varieties of strawberries, since in addition to a rich harvest, they can also be grown for decorative purposes, on a trellis.

But in order for strawberries to constantly bring a harvest, it is necessary to monitor and care for it, feed it with nitrogen and potassium, and protect it from diseases and temperature changes. As a result of careful caring for it, you can harvest up to 10 crops per year.

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