Festivalnaya strawberries have been popular for more than half a century.

Festivalnaya strawberries have been popular for more than half a century.

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Today, approximately 3 thousand different varieties of strawberries... The differences between them are:

  • yield
  • size, shape and color of leaves and fruits
  • also, different varieties have a different growing season, fruiting timing and other biological characteristics.

Some varieties of strawberries appeared relatively recently, as a result of the painstaking work of domestic and foreign breeders, others successfully bear fruit and enjoy the love and recognition of gardeners for more than a decade. So for example strawberry Festivalnaya was obtained by crossing varieties Premier and Abundant back in 1954, at the VNIIR experimental station (Pavlov).

Refers to Festivalnaya strawberries to medium-ripening varieties... The yield is high. This plant is classified as universal, it has a compact and rather tall bush. Thick peduncles are located on the level of leaves or slightly lower on the bushes. Inflorescences are compact, slightly spreading. Gives large berries at the first harvest, their weight can reach 35 grams, the average weight of berries for subsequent harvests is about 10 grams. The berries have a beautiful oval shape, a short and wide neck. The berry attracts with its extremely bright color and shiny skin. Achenes are located almost on the surface of the berries and are bright red in color. Strawberry pulp is dense, juicy, brightly colored. Taste qualities are excellent, they have an assessment of 4.7 points. Berries contain 7% sugar, about 1.4% acid, and up to about 90 mg vitamin C.

Festival strawberry attracts gardeners:

  • undemanding care
  • large-fruited
  • high quality berries.

Diseases of strawberry bushes are moderately susceptible, gardeners note the increasing infection of the plant wilt... The plant is unstable and to powdery mildew.

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