Preparing onions for planting

Preparing onions for planting

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If potatoes are the queen of the fields, then bow, undoubtedly, the count of the whole vegetable garden. After all, it is present and in salads, and in soups, and in stews, and in preserves... And always brings excellent taste and benefits for the human body.

Preparing onions for sowing the seeds are produced two months before. In order to test seeds for germination, they kept for two to three weeks wrapped in a damp cloth... Take this package and dip it in hot water for 10 minutes, and then in cold water for another minute. Such a procedure will protect the seed from fungus.

If you are preparing onion sets, you need it pre-sort out spoiled bulbs and possibly warm up... Recommended before boarding cut off the dry neck, but this must be done extremely carefully so as not to damage the sprout. Then hold it a little in a nutrient liquid (slurry) and rinse in a solution of potassium permanganate (or copper sulfate).

When preparing to sow onions (with seeds or sets), you need to take into account that, although this culture is not too demanding on heat, but at first very much needs moisture... This does not mean that it should be planted in cold, damp areas (in this case, it has every chance of getting sick), but it does mean that it needs to be watered well for a month or two.

Besides onions do not like heavy acidic soil... It is best to plant it after tomatoes and cucumbers, but you can also plant it after beans, potatoes, cabbage. It is advisable to do the sevenging every year. Onions on a feather are less demanding on conditions than onions on a turnip.

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