Difficulties in choosing: which cucumber seeds are better

Difficulties in choosing: which cucumber seeds are better

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Reasoning about which cucumber seeds are better buy for a new harvest, you need to decide on some important points. Firstly, these are the features of selection, secondly, self-pollinated (parthenocarpic) or bee-pollinated, taste and size.

Genetically bred cucumber seeds that are more resistant to disease can be without bitterness. The method of pollination is also very important, because for those plants that are pollinated by insects, the weather is of great importance. Therefore, it is better to choose parthenocarpic ones.

Among the early hybrid varieties, it is worth paying attention to cucumbers Annushka... They are suitable for growing both in greenhouses and outdoors. Differs in high resistance to diseases, pests and bad weather conditions. Begin to bear fruit in 7 - 8 weeks, after the emergence of shoots. Fruits are small up to 11 cm.

Another similar grade - April... It also belongs to the high-yielding early varieties. Cucumber fruits reach 22 cm, not prone to yellowing. The April cucumber variety is resistant to diseases such as spotting and cucumber mosaic. It grows and bears fruit better in greenhouses.

Medium early varieties include Bedretta... Cucumbers begin to bear fruit two months after the first shoots appear. The fruits are cylindrical in shape, without thorns. Possesses excellent taste characteristics.

Early is perfect for canning. variety Zhuravlenok... The hybrid is resistant to diseases and has a fairly high yield. Cucumbers are elliptical in shape, up to 12 cm long.

Which cucumber seeds are best, only you choose. But, it is imperative to take into account the above features of different varieties. Happy choice!

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