Healing pumpkin. Description of the variety

Healing pumpkin. Description of the variety

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Healing pumpkin refers to early-ripening large-fruited varieties: the period of its ripening is, as a rule, 95-105 days (in the southern regions this period may be somewhat reduced), and the weight of the fruits ranges from three to five kilograms. The fruits of this pumpkin variety are slightly flattened, the peel has a gray-green color with a characteristic pattern, the stems are strong, short and medium-sized. Healing pumpkin is an extremely valuable variety that has gained popularity among gardeners. due to excellent taste (its pulp is distinguished by its rich orange color, juiciness, rich aroma and pleasant sweetish taste).

Healing Pumpkin Enough resistant to low temperatures and other unfavorable weather conditions, therefore it is recommended for growing in cold regions. Other undoubted advantages of this variety are good transportability and keeping quality (under proper storage conditions, the crop without visible loss in quality can be stored all winter and spring until early May). In addition, this plant variety is slightly susceptible to damage by various pests and diseases, in particular, powdery mildew.

Healing pumpkin is a table variety, it is great for preparing a variety of cereals, salads, sweet desserts, juices and many other dishes, as well as for dietary and baby food. In addition, this culture has found wide application in cosmetology and folk medicine: all kinds of masks for the face and hair, infusions, decoctions, and so on are prepared from pumpkin.

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