Decorative physalis - decoration of your garden!

Decorative physalis - decoration of your garden!

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I started growing this beautiful plant several years ago. I also wanted such beauty in my garden.

After a short search, I bought seeds and waited for spring. Somewhere in early April, she planted the seeds in separate pots, not pressing them heavily with earth and poured them with warm water. It sprouted quickly enough, a week and a half. The seedling made up about 90% of the sowing. I heard that they can be fed, but I did not. At the end of May, the seedlings were ready to be transplanted into the ground. The plant is not picky, so the soil does not really matter, the main thing is that there are no acidic soils. I chose the place for the transplant in the sun, although it is possible in a light shade. It is not worth planting it in a completely dark place, since the lanterns will not be bright. Plant the plants at a distance from each other, as the decorative physalis grows strongly.

Important! If you want an earlier flowering, then we sow seeds and plant ready-made seedlings (the color will be June, early July). If you plant seeds directly into the soil, then expect color in late summer. It blooms with white small flowers.

Care for the first time after planting consists in regular watering (twice a day), in combating weeds and loosening the soil. After that, the decorative physalis began to be watered not so often. This wonderful plant can also be grafted. This can be done in early summer in the month of June. He is also able to reproduce by rhizomes, which grow rapidly in him. This is, in fact, another way of planting a flower. You need to divide and plant rhizomes either in autumn or spring.

That's all! There is nothing difficult either in sowing or in leaving. Plant and enjoy the orange miracle!

Watch the video: Pilar Zamora-Tavares - The Potential of Wild Physalis Species for Food Diversity (June 2022).


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