Onion care is easy

Onion care is easy

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Caring for onions does not require huge labor costs from gardeners, but you should still be aware of the nuances of growing this vegetable crop in personal plots.

At the initial stage of vegetation, the soil is settled by the root system of the onion to a depth of about 20 cm, and when the formation of the bulb and the growth of leaves begins - up to 40 cm.In order to ensure the development of the root system, the onion plantings should be watered abundantly, followed by good loosening of the soil in order to prevent rotting ... During the active formation of the bulb, the water consumption for irrigation is reduced, but their frequency is increased.

Irrigation stops approximately 25-30 days before the expected harvest date. This measure has a beneficial effect on the influx of nutrients into the bulbs, they ripen much faster, dry integumentary scales are formed on them, which then allow the onion to be stored longer. If you water the onion before harvesting, or it is wetted by the past rain, then the scales swell, pests and diseases penetrate under them, such an onion is prone to germination.

It would seem that the onion grows by itself, but for a better harvest, it needs fertilization. At the beginning of growth, it is worth feeding onion plantings with phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers. Onions also respond well to the addition of organic fertilizers to the soil - manure or chicken droppings infused in water. In the second phase of growth, onions are fertilized with phosphorus and potash fertilizers.

Organic matter applied to the soil in the form of top dressing often attracts pests such as onion flies. To combat it, plants are treated with lime mixed with tobacco dust in a 1: 1 ratio.

Such simple onion care will allow you to grow healthy plants and get onions saturated with useful substances to your table.

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