Early varieties of cucumbers in the garden

Early varieties of cucumbers in the garden

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Cucumbers are undoubtedly one of the earliest crops. To obtain a harvest already in mid-June, you can use planting seedlings, which at first will have to be covered with a film from the night coolness.

The division into medium late or early varieties of cucumbers is a conditional concept. It is much more important to make the right choice of a variety that would suit

  • by the way of cultivation,
  • taste
  • appearance
  • and most importantly - the purpose.

Today there are many different varieties of cucumbers and hybrids. They are distinguished not only in shape, size and color.

When choosing the optimal varieties, first of all, you should pay attention to those that are suitable for your region of residence and adapted to its climatic conditions. Correctly selected varieties are not afraid of diseases common in a given area, such plants will not suffer much from adverse weather conditions. You also need to remember that early varieties of cucumbers will yield faster, but later ones will bear fruit for a longer period, such plants are more resistant to diseases.

All varieties of cucumbers are divided into:

  • salting
  • salad
  • universal.

When planning the purchase of cucumber seeds, you need to think in advance how much of them you need for canning and for fresh consumption. You can, of course, give preference to varieties of universal use, they have excellent taste and can be used in any form.

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