How to prepare onions for planting

How to prepare onions for planting

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Onions are widely and actively grown by summer residents and gardeners, it has healing properties, contains phytoncides, improves the taste of food, as well as its digestion and absorption.

How to prepare onions for planting? This question arises for all summer residents. Then turnip onions are planted, from which flowering shoots are obtained, in which dark-colored seeds ripen.

Before planting seeds, it is necessary to keep them in humid conditions for 2 weeks, so the seeds are checked for germination. For 2 days before planting, the seeds are kept in humid conditions. The seeds can be wrapped in a wet cloth, which must be moistened periodically. In the second half of April, seeds are planted in prepared soil.

Preparation of onion sets for planting consists in a thorough examination of the onion, removal of diseased, damaged and dried out bulbs. The remaining onions must be sorted by size. First, large, then medium, and then small bulbs are planted. Purchased planting material must be additionally warmed up at a temperature of 40 degrees. The bulbs must be soaked in a fertilizer solution and then in copper sulfate to prevent fungal diseases. After that, the bulbs are washed with water and planted in prepared soil.

We found out how to prepare onions for planting, it is also important to pay sufficient attention to care, optimal watering, loosening, harvesting and storing the resulting crop.

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