Some tips for growing cucumbers in a greenhouse

Some tips for growing cucumbers in a greenhouse

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How to properly plant cucumbers in a greenhouse in order to get a decent harvest that warms the soul and the eye. In this article, I want to share a few secrets for the most successful greenhouse crop.

1. Before sowing a seed, it is worth soaking it literally for a day in pre-boiled water at room temperature.

2. In order to get the most successful harvest, it is worth planting several varieties of cucumber in the greenhouse at once, and in order not to confuse it later, put any remarkable signs, for example, sticks with an inscription of the variety. It is worth noting that hybrid varieties absolutely do not give seeds for subsequent plantings, and that is why it is better to combine them with conventional cucumber varieties for everything.

3. It is advisable to place the greenhouse especially on fertile soils, or pre-fertilize it properly.

4. Also, do not forget about moisture. It is necessary to water greenhouse cucumbers abundantly and often, but not at the very peak of the heat, as the plant will begin to fall ill. It is better to water cucumbers for everything at sunset and at the very root.

5. There is another effective tip for maintaining moisture in the greenhouse: put a barrel filled with water, in which we place nettles. Subsequently, we water the plant with this water, the process of evaporation also occurs, which creates additional moisture.

6. It should be noted that drafts in the greenhouse should never be allowed.

7. At the stage of 3 leaves, the cucumbers should be tied up.

8. Do not forget to pinch the side shoots so that the cucumbers do not go into the leaves.

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