Growing cucumbers on a trellis

Growing cucumbers on a trellis

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In recent years, downy mildew or downy mildew appears on cucumbers more and more often in our gardens by the middle of summer. This contributes to the development of the disease, and the cucumbers are already bearing fruit and it is too late to process them with various chemistry.

To preserve the future harvest, you can apply the southern method: "growing cucumbers on a trellis", which consists in attaching the above-ground part of the plants to special supports. They can be gratings, stakes, slats, posts, walls or frames with rope (wire) stretched in rows.

The advantages of the method:

• The soil between the rows can be used for planting other crops;

• Plants are well ventilated from all sides and excess moisture evaporates;

• Collecting fruits is easier;

• When picking cucumbers, plants are less injured;

• The plant is not infected with downy mildew;

• The period of fruiting and productivity increases.

Growing cucumbers on a trellis

In the fall, we loosen the soil for planting and install special shields to preserve snow throughout the winter. At the end of April, we loosen the soil, divide the site into squares and install the columns. Before sowing or planting seedlings, we pull a wire or rope (about 3 mm in diameter) between the trellis posts in three horizontal rows. The bottom row should be 15 cm above the ground, the middle one 60 cm higher, the last one stretches 1.5 m from the ground. After that, you can plant the cucumbers in the wide furrows made with a hoe.

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