What factors affect the cultivation of cucumber seedlings?

 What factors affect the cultivation of cucumber seedlings?

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Why grow seedlings at home? Such a question can arise only from a completely "green" gardener or a happy inhabitant of the south. Only high quality and viable seeds should be planted. Today, in agricultural stores and just on market layouts, the selection of seeds is simply incredible. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to judge their germination only by their appearance, and it is not easy for a layman to distinguish varieties. Therefore, try to buy seeds in the branded stores of seed producers, do not take seeds in "homemade" bags from your hands. Pay attention to the indicated expiration date. It should be noted that cucumber seeds can remain viable for up to 5 years. And the most interesting thing is that the older the seeds, the more female flowers will form.

In addition to the quality and freshness of seeds, climatic factors also affect the cultivation of cucumber seedlings:
- soil composition
- temperature regime
- illumination
- air humidity
- watering

Before proceeding directly to sowing seeds, they must be prepared. This process consists of several sequential stages:
Calibrations - empty seeds are removed and seeds of the same size are selected (seeds purchased in the store are already calibrated);
Disinfection - seeds are treated with solutions of potassium permanganate and ash, or with special compounds;
Soaking - prepared seeds are soaked in warm water;

Germination - after soaking, the seeds are placed in a wet cloth until sprouts appear.

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