Mountain lavender is a beautiful and useful plant

Mountain lavender is a beautiful and useful plant

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Lavender in the wild prefers to grow on mountain slopes or hills, it is common in Mediterranean countries, as well as in the Canary Islands. In home gardening, mountain lavender is widely used for decoration:

  • discount
  • rockeries
  • rock gardens.

Lavender is a two-year-old plant, its height can reach 70 cm, grayish-gray well-branched stems and bluish-gray flowers, collected in apical inflorescences, give a special decorative effect to the plant.

It is not difficult to grow lavender, the plant is unpretentious, but prefers drier areas well lit by the sun. Soils are suitable for neutral or alkaline, sandy or even dense.
Mountain lavender blooms from the beginning of July to the end of August; by autumn, boxes with seeds are formed in place of flowers.

For plant propagation, stratified seeds are used, especially valuable varieties can be propagated by cuttings. Seeds are sown in open ground before winter, you can also plant a plant with seedlings. To do this, at the beginning of February, you need to sow seeds in pots. Do not be alarmed if shoots do not appear for a long time - in a room, the first shoots may appear in one and a half to two months. Gardeners need to remember that lavender roots are shallow, they can freeze along with the soil. The plant needs mulching or shelter.

In addition to its visual appeal, mountain lavender has practical applications.

  • It is used as a flavoring agent in the production of perfumery.
  • A valuable product is obtained from the flowers and leaves of the plant - lavender oil, which is widely used in folk medicine and homeopathy.
  • The soothing properties of lavender are well known and are effective in treating neuroses and insomnia.
  • Dried lavender flowers placed in a closet will give a pleasant fresh smell to clothes and protect them from gluttonous moths.

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