When to plant tomatoes in the ground?

When to plant tomatoes in the ground?

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Tomato is a tasty and healthy vegetable, and there is no summer resident who would not grow tomatoes on his plot. But the timing of when to plant tomatoes in the ground depends not only on the age of the seedlings, but also on climatic conditions. Until the threat of night frosts passes, even if the weather is warm, sunny during the day, it is impossible to plant seedlings, they will die at the first frost.

What if the spring is cold, the heat does not come in any way, and the seedlings are stretched out? You can't plant it anyway. When the warmth finally comes, the elongated seedlings are planted "lying", falling asleep almost to the very top. For tomatoes, it is better to choose a sunny, elevated place. Before planting, the seedlings need to be watered abundantly, removed from the container along with a lump of earth and planted in a previously dug hole, which is then filled up. It's even good if you bury the tomatoes more than they were buried in the seedling container, they will develop a more powerful root system.

In different regions of our country, in spring, warmth comes at different times. In the middle lane, the threat of frost persists until June 5-6, therefore tomatoes are usually planted in the ground on June 7-11. I often plant at the end of May, but I cover them at night with several layers of covering material, and after June 10, I stop covering. In my opinion, this way they take root better and get sick less. If you plant tomatoes when it's already hot during the day, they get sick for a long time.

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