Strawberry Bereginya - a gift from breeders

Strawberry Bereginya - a gift from breeders

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Few people will give up sweet and tasty berries - strawberries, especially strawberries from their own plot! This is not just a favorite spring treat, but also one of the healthiest foods around. And if you have any problems with the cultivation of this tasty crop, you should pay attention to a new variety - Bereginya strawberries.


  • History of appearance
  • Yield
  • Yield characteristics
  • Appearance
  • Resistance to adverse weather conditions and diseases
  • Transportation options
  • Reproduction

History of appearance

This is a relatively new strawberry variety that appeared in 1998. Breeders at the National Agrarian University crossed two fairly well-known strawberry varieties - Gonzago and American Concord. The result is a large and sweet berry - a very promising variety and rather unpretentious to care for. Bereginya is one of the last successful finds of breeders, which has already taken root well in the areas of amateur gardeners.


If you find a little space for Bereginya strawberries on your even small garden plot, you will not regret it. First of all, because this crop variety is distinguished by an unusually high yield - as calculated by experts, it is 15 tons per hectare.

It will be possible to walk through the strawberry beds with a basket in the first year. The result will pleasantly surprise you - you will fill your basket with tender and large berries, each weighing up to 50 g. The berries are dark red in color, sweet in taste and pleasant to the eye.

Strawberries of approximately the same size in the form of a cone ripen almost simultaneously, which allows you to harvest a large harvest even from a small garden bed. The fruiting of this crop is stable - you will harvest a good harvest every year.

Yield characteristics

Strawberry Bereginya has a high concentration of vitamins, organic acids and sugar. As for the scientific definition of the taste of Bereginya strawberries, according to experts, it is 4.6 points out of 5 possible. And the aroma! Nobody measured it on a scale of smells, but those who love strawberries, knows a lot about this berry, will be able to appreciate the aroma of Beregini at its true worth.


This medium-tall plant, which does not take up much space, will become a real decoration of your personal plot. The leaves look pretty nice - they are large, shiny, light green in color, and there are not so many of them - on average 7-8 per bush.

The petioles of the middle leaf lobe are slightly longer than the lateral ones. The antennae that appear in the first warm days of spring are slightly reddish in color. It's always nice to watch the berries bloom. Strawberry Bereginya will delight you with bisexual flowers with small white, not twisted petals. Delicate spreading inflorescences look promising: very little time will pass, and they will be replaced by bright red alluring berries.

Resistance to adverse weather conditions and diseases

The breeders who were engaged in the breeding of the Bereginya strawberry variety paid special attention to its resistance to adverse natural conditions - she is not afraid of the cold, or she is not afraid of drought. Therefore, such a variety can be afforded not only by gardeners of the southern territories, but also northern ones.

Another distinguishing feature of this variety is resistance against strawberry mites and fungal diseases that often affect the leaves.

Transportation options

What is to be done with this large harvest? After all, strawberries spoil very quickly, but you can't eat all of them in the country? Gardeners who breed the Bereginya variety do not face such a problem. And it is a pleasure to eat it, and it is not a problem to take it to the city, and as a present you can present it to your friends. The fact is that strawberries of this variety have a dense structure, so they can be transported over long distances and stored for a relatively long time.


The first strawberry season with Bereginya on the plot will surely make you think about how to increase your strawberry meadow. It is not difficult to propagate this variety. In autumn, many rosettes form on a thin, reddish mustache. These rosettes should be lightly sprinkled with soil. With good watering, they will take root pretty soon, and in the spring you can plant the newly appeared bushes in a permanent place and wait for a new crop to appear.

You can grow Bereginya strawberries from seeds. But in this case, you should be patient and wait a little, because the seeds need time and special conditions. But the result should still be good. The only thing that can cloud your garden happiness is poor quality or expired seeds. But the solution to the issue is simple - to purchase seeds only at proven points.

Let's summarize: the Bereginya strawberry is one of the most unpretentious varieties that give a good harvest. Such strawberries can be transported over long distances and, most importantly, they are tasty and aromatic!

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