Growing hot peppers on a windowsill

Growing hot peppers on a windowsill

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Growing hot peppers at home is not that difficult. This plant is compact and characterized by active fruiting, due to which bushes with peppers of different colors also have a decorative function.


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The fruits of such a pepper can be used both in cooking and for medicinal purposes. Ripe fruits can be infused with alcohol, and this infusion can be used for rheumatism, radiculitis, lower back pain.

Growing fruits for winter

There are certain rules for growing hot peppers at home.

Sowing seeds is best done in February. This requires about a two-liter clean container, which should be treated with boiling water. Lay the drainage in the form of expanded clay at the bottom of the pot, but crushed stone or charcoal is also suitable. On top of the drainage, we fill in the soil, consisting of humus, leafy earth and sand in a ratio of 5: 3: 2. Before planting the seeds, the soil must be spilled with boiling water and after it has cooled down, sow 2-3 peppercorns, soaked in advance and already swollen, into small holes 1-1.5 cm.

Cover the pot with the planted grains with plastic or glass and place in a warm place. When sprouts appear in 5-7 days, move the pot to a sunny window spot. When the first true leaves appear, the peppers can be cut into separate pots, and it is better to remove the extra ones so as not to disturb the roots.

When the plant grows up to 20 cm, pinch the top of the head. This is necessary for better branching of the bush, in which the fruits will form.

Do not forget to water the plant regularly and periodically feed your pet with fertilizers, then you will definitely wait for the harvest on your windowsill.

The way to get fruits by May

Observing the development of homemade pepper, amateurs from the Ivanovo region came to an interesting conclusion that in our northern conditions it is possible to change the maturation of pepper on the windowsill. They use the spring days, filled with bright sunshine, for flowering and ripening of fruits.

Peppers are sown in the fall in bowls on the windowsill. They create not very comfortable conditions for the pepper, so that it does not have time to pick flowers in the period before the New Year, so that it does not exhaust its strength for growth in the darkest "dead" days. So the plant is saved from stretching shoots. At the moment when the days begin to arrive, the pepper is transferred to a light window (east or south). The plant soon blooms and produces an average of 10 beautiful pods. Yes, the fruits are such heroes, which never happened before the fall.

And immediately after the crop is harvested, the plant throws out a couple more vigorous shoots and blooms again. By the second half of September, another crop is ripening, with only three of the 20 pods being small. Thus, about 30 pods are removed from one bush per season, almost 5 times higher than the average yield!

The main secret of a high yield is that by the time of the very first flowering (at the beginning of February), the autumn sowing season pepper has time to develop good powerful roots. Starting from March and ending with the beginning of October, that is, during the period of abundant sunshine, pepper actively sets the fruits and uses the strength to pour them.

A fertile plant can not be thrown away in the fall, let it go before winter. In winter, at the beginning of January, it must be transplanted into a new substrate, cut off the old shoots in half, then transfer the pot to a light window (east or south). Such care can bring up to three harvests per season.

On a note

When you plant peppers, it is still better not to dive them, as they react painfully to a transplant. And they have a good attitude towards transshipment. When the seedlings disperse, just pinch off the extra weak seedlings. Another important point - do not miss the time when the roots begin to squeeze in the pot and sprout out.

Peat pots are by far the best for seedlings. For normal growth, the peppers are transferred into spacious containers and pots 30-50 cm high. Be sure to put drainage on the bottom of the planting containers (a layer of expanded clay, broken brick).

Sometimes, to support ripening fruits, they put props, spray the bushes with warm, settled water from the spider mite.

To get a good harvest, peppers are recommended to be grown in two trunks, constantly forming them with a pinch. A strong shoot is left on each stem, and the weak ones pinch over the first leaf. Although peppers are self-pollinated like tomatoes, it is better to shake the plants periodically so that pollination is more effective.

Pepper is the same perennial as cherry tomatoes, the bush can delight you with a harvest for five whole years. Sweet bell peppers can be grown in the same way on the windowsill. Imagine what a pleasure it is to watch a ripe pod pouring in front of your eyes when the weather is “bad” outside the window!

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