Parsley on the windowsill is quite real

Parsley on the windowsill is quite real

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Parsley is a valuable aromatic herb. You just need to plant small parsley roots in boxes or flower pots with any store soil for vegetables in November. It is better to use root parsley, its roots produce greens faster and are less susceptible to disease.

For good growth, parsley needs a temperature of 20-22 degrees and good lighting. Watering is sufficient once a week. With frequent watering, parsley can rot. In order to constantly have fresh greens in the house, planting should be done about twice a month. Not every gardener has enough parsley roots to last the whole winter. What if you need parsley on the windowsill, but there are no root vegetables? It is also possible to grow parsley from seeds in an apartment, you just need to take into account that it takes a long time to grow. Before planting seeds, soak them in cheesecloth or a cloth overnight.

Sow seeds in a box without deeply deepening, and remove it from cold glass. Water often, but do not overmoisten the soil. After 2-3 weeks, feed with fertilizer, for example, "Raduna". But only after 6 weeks you will get the first green crop, so you will also have to sow often if you want to have greens all the time. The varieties "Bordovinskaya", "Sugar", "Urozhainaya" give a lot of greens.

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