When and how to plant stalked celery

When and how to plant stalked celery

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There must be plenty of space in your garden for various plants, vegetables and berries. In this article we will get acquainted with such a useful and well-known plant as celery, we will learn how to plant celery and when.

By its structure, celery is of three types: petiole, leaf and root. Each species has its own characteristics, so we'll talk about one of them: the petiolate.

So, the basic rules for planting celery:

1.It needs to be grown in open land, it loves space;

2. the soil must be moist and well-drained;

3. before planting seeds in the ground, be sure to add a large amount of humus;

4. it is petiolate celery that needs nitrogen in the soil;

5. this type of celery tolerates frost well, but it is better to sow it in the spring;

6. It is not necessary to strongly press the seeds into the soil, they need light;

7. It is best to sow in late spring, late April - early May.

If you have not taken into account any of the rules listed above, then, in principle, there is nothing terrible. Since the plant is not very capricious, it can transfer many points. The main thing in how to plant celery is planting time - spring, frequent watering and good soil.

If your plant does not grow or grows poorly, it can be both your mistake and the help of pests. For example: slugs, hogweed fly or any diseases. In this case, the plant needs to be treated, fertilized, nitrogen added to the soil, or simply dug out and not wait for a miracle.

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