How to pinch tomatoes

How to pinch tomatoes

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Any gardener should know how to pinch tomatoes, because in some areas tomatoes are grown in this way.

In a tomato, during growth, many lateral shoots are formed, that is, stepchildren. This will lead to the fact that the fruits do not have time to ripen.

To know how to pinch tomatoes, you need to know some subtleties. When pinching, it is very important to know the variety of tomato. There are several varieties of tomato.

Determinant tomatoes are those tomatoes that stop growing on their own, they are often undersized, branching rather weakly. These tomatoes are usually grown with one stem. It is impossible to remove all the stepchildren of this tomato variety at once, since the tomato will stop growing, and as a result, the harvest will be small. Therefore, it is advised to act differently - it is necessary to leave an escape from the leaf axil, which is located under one of the uppermost inflorescences. This will promote growth. The next step is to remove this stepson, and a new one is left to replace him. If the summer is hot, then this type of tomato is grown in 2-3 stems.

There is a variety of determinant tomatoes called standard tomatoes, with which they usually do not pinch.

Hybrids as well as indeterminate varieties will grow as long as there are conditions for this. In this case, stepchildren will form at once from all the leaves, which must be removed all summer.

There are some general rules for pinning:
- it is necessary to begin to form the plant when it has already matured and began to grow intensively;
- stepchildren break out when their length is 5-7 cm, this should be done with hands, but not with a knife, while leaving a small stump;
- Morning is preferable for pinching.

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