Cherry care

Cherry care

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Large, sweet cherries are the best substitute for sweets and other store-bought sweets for children and adults. If you are lucky enough to have your own garden, be sure to find a place in it for at least one variety.

When buying a seedling, you should understand that cherry is not the most unpretentious tree. It requires some attention from its owners. For a start, you should carefully choose a landing site. A sun-loving plant will not bear fruit well (or it may even disappear altogether) in the shade of other adult inhabitants of the garden. Also, cherries do not like drafts.

The height of the dug hole should be about a third of the height of the seedling. It will not hurt to pre-fertilize this place with humus. After some time after planting, cut off 10-15 centimeters on top and pour abundantly with water. The first harvest can be expected in three to four years.

The main care for cherries is the right place. It should be sunny, quiet and warm. The air should be moderately humid, and the soil should be permeable, but without nearby groundwater deposits. Plant several cherries side by side to improve pollination. Feed the tree with slurry, ash, urea. Compared to other stone fruits, this plant does not suffer much from pests.

Cherry berries are an excellent remedy for anemia. Therefore, it is very important that every spring the kids can enjoy the fresh fruits of this garden plant.

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