Growing strawberries in bags

Growing strawberries in bags

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Every recognized summer resident and gardener always has a bed in the garden, or even several beds with strawberries. Growing strawberries in this way at home can even make a very profitable small business, since you will be out of competition on the market.

If you are going to grow strawberries especially for yourself and your family, then you can do with a balcony room, but subject to the temperature of "constant summer" and good lighting. If your balcony is not on the sunny side, then artificial daylight should be created above the bags.

If you really want to do a small business, you will have to find a slightly larger room.

Then, you need to take care of the plastic bags, it is better to make everything yourself. The bags must have the following parameters: diameter - 15-17 cm; height - 1.5 - 2 meters.

Further, in the prepared bags we fill in the earth, pre-mixed with peat and fertilizers; along the entire length of the bag, it is necessary to make staggered cuts of 7-10 cm., in which we subsequently plant the harvested seedlings. Place a container above the bag for watering strawberries. Honey will come in very handy. droppers, to each bag we carry out 2-3 "pipelines" - in the middle and from the top, and then we adjust the moisture supply with the calculation of 2 liters per day per bag.

The result will not be long in coming, soon you will enjoy the first fruits of your efforts.

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