When to plant cucumbers

When to plant cucumbers

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Cucumbers in the garden can be grown both by seedlings and by means of seeds - the choice is mainly the gardener himself. The most optimal time for sowing in open ground is the moment when the earth has already warmed up properly and possible frost is no longer expected, usually mid-May - early June.

When sowing cucumbers with seeds, they must first be warmed up a little in order to protect the plant from various sources of infection. Cucumber seeds are heated two months before sowing, placing them in a gauze bag near a heat source, with a temperature of at least 200. Before planting, the seeds need to be slightly moistened by placing them in a container with boiled cooled water for 12 hours.

It is better to dig a bed for everything with a deepening 40 cm wide and similarly in depth. The bottom layer per cm 15 is fertilized with manure or humus, and the top is covered with a small layer of soil mixed with manure, until a slight hillock is formed.

Seeds are sown approximately to a depth of 2 cm with a distance of 10-15 cm in a row, and between rows, see 40-60. It is necessary to place 2-3 seeds in one hole. When the first shoots appeared, it is worth thinning the rows a little, leaving only one seedling in each hole.

If some frost has begun, then the plant must be protected with film shelters.

You can also use seedlings for sowing cucumbers, planting them in open ground in mid-June.

Seedlings for sowing should be well rooted, strong, free from any defects and preferably with three or even five leaves.

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