How to grow pepper seedlings

How to grow pepper seedlings

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Despite the fact that the weather does not spoil us with regular warm days, gardeners have every reason to wonder how to grow pepper seedlings. And here it is not at all desirable to hesitate, so it is better to prepare in advance and clarify all the subtleties of planting pepper.

Seedlings are required to grow seedlings. Choose a bag of pepper seeds from a specialty store that suits you best and suits the climatic conditions of your region.

You also need light soil and individual pots. Disposable cups or plastic yogurt cups can be adapted under the pots. In the bottom, be sure to make a hole and fill the pots with prepared earth, moisten it with water with a small amount of potassium permanganate. Put 1-2 pepper seeds in each pot, previously placed in water for a while. And cover everything with foil. Seedlings can be expected in 10 days.

Now it remains only to wait for the seedlings to grow up and get stronger. It is imperative to monitor the condition of the soil - it should not be allowed to dry out. As soon as the peppers have a well-developed root system, the seedlings can be transplanted to a permanent place. Under the warm rays of the sun and caring hands, the pepper will soon delight you with a good harvest.

I hope that after reading the information reflected in this article, you can confidently tell anyone who wants to know how to grow pepper seedlings.

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