Lingonberry cultivation

Lingonberry cultivation

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Lingonberry has long been considered a very healthy berry. It can be eaten as well as used for medicinal purposes.

To date, about twenty varieties of lingonberry are known. Moreover, the growing rules for all varieties are the same.

Lingonberry cultivation should begin with site selection and soil preparation. For a shrub of the lingonberry family, you should choose an open, sunny place that is not subject to regular flooding. The soil should be acidic, its acidity level should be between 4.5 and 5.5 pH.

In case of predominance of sour peat in its pure form on the personal plot, it is necessary to add mineral soil or sand at the rate of two buckets per square meter. Also, a little mineral fertilizers should be added to the soil, since lingonberries do not tolerate excessive amounts of fertilizers. After preparing the soil, the ground must be leveled to prevent the accumulation of rainwater.

When planting lingonberries, you should also adhere to certain standards. As a rule, lingonberry seedlings are planted in beds about one and a half meters wide and 30-40 centimeters deep. Previously, a peat-sandy substrate is added to the dug beds to simulate forest soil and watered with acidified water. It is recommended to reinforce the edges of the beds with wooden planks to protect the plants in case of heavy rain.

The distance between seedlings should be at least 30 centimeters. If several rows are planted, the distance between them should be about 40 centimeters.
It is recommended to mulch the soil with sawdust. During the first ten days, it is necessary to monitor the level of moisture in the earth.

Growing lingonberries and caring for them is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The shrubs only need to be watered twice a week during the spring and summer season. Lingonberry also needs to loosen the soil.

With proper care, the first harvest can only be expected in the second year.

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