Onion herbicides

Onion herbicides

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When growing onions, it is important to pay special attention to protecting them from weeds. If there is no weed control, then they can significantly reduce the quality of the onion and reduce its yield.

The control of dicotyledonous weeds and perennial grasses begins two weeks before plowing the soil. To combat annual cereal and dicotyledonous weeds in spring, treflan or olitref herbicides are used for onions.

After sowing black onions, seedlings and turnips, before the first shoots, the soil must be treated with dactal or ramrod. And after the emergence of seedlings, nigella use herbicides for liroshun or totril onions, and at this time fuzilad is used against annual cereals. After the appearance of 2-4 true leaves, the sevok and turnip are treated with Semeron, and a little later with Totril.

If the beds have a large number of dicotyledonous annual weeds, and the onion is up to 15 centimeters in size, then lyronion can be used.

Onions should be sprayed in calm weather in the evening or in the morning. The herbicide solution must be uniform at the appropriate concentration. You need to prepare the solution in a separate container, and then pour it directly into the sprayer. This is due to the fact that during the preparation of the solution in the sprayer, the residue remains in the tanks, therefore, during the subsequent preparation, the concentration of the solution increases, which can lead to burns of the plants. Spraying should be fine and even, with a spray height up to 30 centimeters from the soil. Care must be taken to ensure that the sprayers do not become clogged.

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