Pyramid for strawberries from scrap materials

Pyramid for strawberries from scrap materials

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Strawberries are one of the most beloved crops by many summer residents. The plant is quite unpretentious and, with proper care, gives a good harvest. For good growth, the plant needs sufficient sunlight and moisture.

When choosing a place for strawberries, it is also of great importance which crops grew here earlier. Do not plant strawberries right after potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and sunflowers. These plants drain the soil. The most suitable for planting land after peas, garlic and herbs. For planting, you should choose a not hot, cloudy day or evening - the plants will take root faster.


  • How to plant strawberries
  • Strawberry pyramids
  • Methods for planting ampelous strawberries

How to plant strawberries

Before planting seedlings, you should cut off the antennae and process the roots in a solution of sodium chloride and copper sulfate. Prepare a solution based on 10 liters of water - 3 tbsp. tablespoons of salt and 1 teaspoon of vitriol. Plant roots are dipped into the composition for 10-15 minutes.

A strawberry bed is prepared in the usual way - the ground is cleared of weeds, they dig up and apply fertilizers - mineral and organic. The distance between the seedlings should be 30 cm, and between the rows - at least 50. To prevent the seedlings from freezing over the winter (this applies to autumn planting), it should be covered with sawdust and film.

Strawberry pyramids

As a rule, our summer cottages are small in size, and you want to place a maximum of plants and buildings on it. One way out in this situation is a strawberry pyramid. Such a bed will look interesting and save a lot of space.

We choose a sunny place for the berries. For the pyramid, bags, trellises, trays, and even car tires are suitable.

The soil should consist of a mixture of sod land, non-acidic peat or humus, sand, sawdust in a ratio of 1: 1: 0.5: 0.5. Watering such a bed is necessary every other day.

Let's consider several options:

  • Strawberry pyramid from container boards.

The lower tier is made with an area of ​​2x2 m, and a height of 12 cm, the width of the ridge is 20 cm. In the center of the pyramid we fill a hill of barren earth or debris. The second tier - with an area of ​​180x180 cm, the third - 160x160, etc. We plant the bushes at a distance of 20 cm away from the edge of the pyramid.

  • Stepped strawberry pyramid.

The steps of such a pyramid should be located on the south side. It is convenient to cover such a pyramid during frosts by placing arcs with acrylic or film.

  • Strawberry pyramid made from old tires.

For such a pyramid, tires of different diameters are needed. Each hole is cut out on the sidewalls, we fill the tire with earth. From above we install a tire of a smaller diameter. The process is repeated. You can plant strawberries in the smallest tire, and put a flower pot in the center.

For the manufacture of pyramids, you can show your imagination. Slides can be of different configurations. If compost is mixed with manure in the center, then your pyramid will still be warm.

Ways of planting ampelous strawberries

Lovers of climbing (ampelous) varieties of strawberries often face certain difficulties when growing this crop in ordinary beds. In these plants, leaves and stems rot when in contact with the ground. In addition, the soil is practically not aired, which causes slugs to appear.

This problem can be solved by using a vertical fit. Constructions for curly strawberries made from scrap materials significantly increase yields and help protect bushes from pests.

Here are some ways to plant these strawberries.

  • Vertical pipe beds

The landing container can be made from a thick pipe or a regular barrel. The principle is simple - side holes are made in the pipe or barrel for strawberries and an irrigation pipe is attached in the center. Such a bed looks very unusual.

  • Planting strawberries in bags

An interesting and original option for planting strawberries is a hanging bed. For this, the earth is poured into a plastic bag with holes and suspended with a thick rope or twine. True, this option is not suitable for permanent operation, and such a bed will have to be changed every year.

  • Boxes

Old wooden crates of different sizes can also be used to create strawberry pyramids. They can be stacked on top of each other or in the form of a ladder, secured against the wall.

  • Flower pots

On the most sunny wall, you can make an ordinary trellis and hang pots of strawberries on it. Any unnecessary dishes that are at hand can be used. This strawberry planting option is perhaps the easiest.

In general, it is not at all necessary to have a large piece of land in order to enjoy this delicious berry every year. It is enough just to show a little imagination and devote some free time. Taking care of strawberries in such structures is not difficult at all, because vertical planting completely eliminates the appearance of weeds and root rot. This method is the most reliable for rodent control and the most convenient for harvesting.

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