Repairing strawberries Milan

Repairing strawberries Milan

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Strawberries are one of the most useful and delicious berries. For its simplicity in care, resistance to various pests and low temperatures, as well as extremely high fertility, this culture has gained immense popularity both among professional gardeners and among those who have only a few beds or even a couple of boxes on the balcony.

Strawberries Milan belongs to the so-called remontant, that is, those that differ in their ability to multiple flowering and fruiting during one season, and in greenhouse conditions and in winter, varieties. This strawberry variety has a powerful large bush with a strong root system, bears fruit with rather large, conical-shaped bright scarlet berries with light yellow blotches, which have a pronounced sweet and sour taste and delicate aroma. The main advantage of the Milan strawberry variety is its high yield: with proper care, about one and a half kilograms of berries can be harvested from a bush in one season.

It is also worth noting that Milan strawberries take root well not only in open ground and greenhouses, but also in small boxes or pots located on the balcony. By themselves, the bushes of this berry are quite compact, so with proper organization of space, even a small loggia or balcony can be turned into a rather impressive "bed". "Home" strawberries will bear fruit just as abundantly, and the only additional condition that the bushes will have to organize will be protection from the wind (that is, boxes with it will have to be placed exclusively in the inner part of the balcony, avoiding hanging over the railing).

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