Germinating beans for nutrition and for planting - what is the difference

Germinating beans for nutrition and for planting - what is the difference

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Many hobby gardeners grow beans in their gardens simply as a supplement to other plants, such as planting them on the side of the road near potatoes or near cabbage and cucumber beds. In any case, whatever it may be, beans are very important in many cuisines, and without these legumes we cannot imagine either borscht or vinaigrette, and the Georgian lobio, loved by many, is completely out of competition, and beans in terms of their composition belongs to the 10 most useful products for human health.

But not everyone knows that sprouted beans are even more beneficial for our body, in particular, it lowers blood sugar levels. Germinating beans seeds is not at all troublesome, but requires special attention. The seeds are washed and filled with warm, but by no means hot water, for faster germination. After 2-3 days, the roots appear, and then the bean sprouts, which after another couple of days reach a length of 5-7 cm. Now the sprouted beans are edible, but remember. this should be done only after consulting a doctor.

Germinating beans for planting does not make sense, in the soil the seeds will germinate much faster and will immediately take root in their habitat. In order to prepare the beans for sowing, 2 weeks after planting, the seeds are treated with chemicals to destroy the pathogens that are carried by the seeds. For faster emergence of beans seeds, they can be soaked in warm water on the eve of planting for no more than 6 hours, then ventilated in the air. The optimum water temperature for soaking is + 50-60 degrees, and the volume of water should not exceed 80% of the weight of beans.

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