Root parsley and its cultivation

Root parsley and its cultivation

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Root parsley is as popular as leaf parsley. If root parsley is added to pickles and vegetable soups, then leaf parsley is considered an excellent seasoning for salads, meat and fish dishes.

Parsley and its cultivation

Among the leafy parsley, curly and ordinary are distinguished. The first variety has a more beautiful appearance and is distinguished by a significantly larger amount of green mass. Therefore, summer residents prefer the curly variety of parsley.

Parsley, the beneficial properties of which are explained by the content of vitamin C, essential oils and carotene, has a beneficial effect on the human body and also improves appetite.

Parsley is also known to people in folk medicine. For example, a mixture of its juice with beetroot juice is an excellent prevention of painful menstruation. But remember that parsley juice cannot be used for kidney inflammation.

If you are interested in growing parsley in your summer cottage, then you need to remember a few simple tips. Above all, choose fertile and well-lit soils. With a close occurrence of groundwater, it is necessary to make high beds for parsley. Caring for this plant consists in abundant watering, loosening and weeding of the beds.

By the way, it is very easy to grow parsley on the windowsill. Therefore, if you want to see this natural and healthy seasoning on your table all year round, you need to know how to grow parsley at home. Due to the fact that the essential oils of the seeds do not allow them to grow quickly, they must be held under a stream of warm water, having previously wrapped in several layers of gauze. After that, the parsley seeds are soaked in water for a day.

Thus, growing parsley in the country or at home will not be difficult!

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