When to plant tomato seedlings?

When to plant tomato seedlings?

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When to plant tomato seedlings? This question arises every spring among summer residents and gardeners. In late March or early April, we sow tomato seeds for seedlings, already in May the seedlings reach sufficient sizes.

First, tomato seedlings are planted under a film, and only then are they transplanted into open ground. In different climatic zones, warming comes at different times, so the time of planting seedlings must be correlated with the arrival of heat.

At the end of May, and preferably in June, the seedlings should be planted in open ground. At this time, the frosts have already passed and the seedlings are not in danger. Seedlings should be planted when flowers bloom in the first brush. It must be remembered that an air temperature of less than 15 degrees has a negative effect on growth and flowering. But with early planting of seedlings, high soil moisture and low air temperature have a beneficial effect on the development of the root system. It is important to cover the plants with foil to create the optimal temperature.

Before planting, the soil must be treated and complex fertilizer must be applied, the seedlings must also be treated with Bordeaux liquid and potassium permanganate for the prevention of diseases. For seedlings, holes are prepared with a size of 30 by 30 centimeters. The wells are half covered with humus, ash and superphosphate. Plant seedlings so that the first leaf is above the soil.

When planting tomato seedlings is understandable, it is important to do everything on time and create the best conditions for seedlings. In this case, you will get an excellent tomato harvest.

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