Infrared heaters for greenhouses, price, where to buy, what are the advantages

Infrared heaters for greenhouses, price, where to buy, what are the advantages

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If you want year-round cultivation of greens or exotic overseas fruits, you need to equip an effective heating system.

On the shelves of modern hardware stores, you can find a variety of equipment with various technologies for keeping warm in the cold.

However, it is infrared heaters for greenhouses that stand out among the many options, since they can significantly reduce energy costs.


  • What equipment is used for heating greenhouses
  • Heating the greenhouse with electricity, advantages
  • What is an infrared long-wave heater
  • Polycarbonate infrared greenhouse heaters
  • Where to buy a heater for a greenhouse
  • Price for infrared lamps for heating greenhouses
  • Installation rules

What equipment is used for heating greenhouses

Correct and thoughtful installation of the heating system ensures optimal conditions for plant growth. When arranging greenhouses, it is extremely important to maintain a specific temperature at the same level.


The presented group of heaters includes many products. In most cases, they include:

  • Electric heating element.
  • Heater.
  • Convector system.

Such devices, despite the moderate cost, fly out of the "pretty penny" when paying electricity bills.

The installation of autonomous power supplies powered by solar energy will help to reduce the number of consumed kilowatts.

Infrared rays

Heating using this technology allows you to reduce electricity costs, however, such equipment is recommended to be installed around the entire perimeter of the greenhouse to evenly fill the space with warm masses.

Compliance with this condition will significantly reduce heat loss.

A significant difference in the operation of infrared equipment compared to the convection method lies in the economical heating technology. Infrared rays are initially focused on heating nearby objects, from which further heat is evenly distributed around the perimeter of the room.

Air circulation

The specified type of equipment is one of the professional products, since it involves installation simultaneously with the construction of a greenhouse. Air models are classic ventilation systems.

In this case, the supply of warm air is carried out in the upper and lower parts of the greenhouse to exclude plant burns.

Gas heating

For gas heating, generators are used. The principle of operation of such devices is similar to the previous representative.

We cannot exclude the option of installing catalytic burners, which, despite their small dimensions, effectively warm up the greenhouse space with a fair amount of savings.

Heating the greenhouse with electricity, advantages

In most cases, heating by the presented method is carried out by means of a heating cable. When designing and installing, in the case of choosing electrical equipment, one should not forget about the installation of the thermostat.

With the help of such a device, it becomes possible to create the necessary temperature regime necessary for the growth of a particular type of plant.

Heating conductors are subdivided into resistive and self-regulating. The first type is an electrical one- or two-core wire. The principle of operation is based on the release of heat due to the passage of current through the veins.

The intensity of heating is regulated by a semiconductor matrix board, which forms the required pulse charge.

The technology of heating a greenhouse with a heating cable is reliable and durable. Even an overlap of its conductive cores will not affect the performance of the system.

What is an infrared long-wave heater

Such models are made in the form of a classic heater, the principle of which is based on infrared radiation. As noted above, the operation of the devices is aimed at heating the surrounding objects: walls, floors, etc.

Air heating is carried out precisely by the uniform transfer of heat from such objects after exposure to infrared waves.

In view of this feature, the operation of infrared heaters and heating the room does not depend on the following factors:

  • draft;
  • poor thermal insulation;
  • ceiling heights;
  • outdoor temperature indicators.

Polycarbonate infrared greenhouse heaters

Before purchasing an emitter, you should accurately understand the required characteristics and capabilities of the types of devices encountered.

The variety of species is classified into the following subgroups:

  • Purpose - industrial and household models. The division is carried out depending on the volume of the heated premises. There are frequent cases of use in the household and the first representatives working in the shortwave spectrum. However, we must not forget that such a range has a negative impact on human health.
  • The fuels used are gas and electric. When choosing a product for a small greenhouse, the focus should be on an electric heater. If it is necessary to heat a large greenhouse in order to save money, the choice must be made in favor of the gas model.
  • Dark and light products. The fundamental difference between the varieties is the heating temperature. There are no significant differences in work efficiency.
  • Fastening - to walls or ceilings. Household appliances are installed on the walls using brackets, and industrial appliances on the ceiling.
  • Performance. When calculating such a parameter, one should proceed from the fact that one industrial heater on average can heat a room up to 100 sq. M. Household models, as a rule, are designed for heating 10-20 sq.m.

Let's watch an interesting video about the operation of infrared heaters for greenhouses:

Where to buy a heater for a greenhouse

Specialized shops in almost every large settlement and Internet services are replete with offers of similar products.

The main thing when choosing a model is to give preference to proven manufacturing firms, and not to focus on more budgetary Chinese counterparts.

One-time savings in the purchase can result not only in the need to replace a failed element, but also in the fire of the structure.

Price for infrared lamps for heating greenhouses

The cost of such models depends on the popularity of the manufacturer, power and type of heating equipment.

Average price values ​​for household products vary in the range from 1,500 to 5,000 rubles, and for industrial products - from 10,000 to 150,000 rubles.

Installation rules

In most cases, the installation of infrared equipment does not cause any problems.

Installation and connection of devices should be carried out strictly on the basis of the manufacturer's instructions, especially when included in the general circuit of thermostats.

Let's watch a video about installing an infrared heater for a greenhouse:

Watch the video: Choosing the Right Greenhouse Heater (August 2022).