Agrofirm Seeds of Altai, what it produces, where to buy products, reviews

Agrofirm Seeds of Altai, what it produces, where to buy products, reviews

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One of the leading companies selling high-quality seeds, seedlings and garden materials in the Altai Territory is the agricultural company Seeds of Altai.

Having entered the market in 1995, the company has a wide client base, delighting regular customers with a variety of old and new varieties.


  • The direction of activity of the agricultural company Seeds of Altai
  • What products does the Altai Seeds agrofirm manufacture, how seeds and seedlings are sold
  • Buying products in the online store
  • Reviews about the company's products

The direction of activity of the agricultural company Seeds of Altai

The main vector of the agrofirm's activity is the cultivation and sale of plant seeds, traditional for the Siberian region and new, bred varieties. In addition to planting material, the company offers a wide range of products for the garden and vegetable garden.

Since not only renowned agricultural firms in Russia, but also abroad are considered partners of the agricultural firm, the firm offers its regular customers only verified seed samples. In addition, it gives a chance to purchase wholesale or retail seedlings or plant seeds that have not yet been massively distributed on the Russian market.

Since the company cares about the quality of the products presented, agronomists are constantly working to improve the varieties sold and develop new ones. This is due to the introduction of new hybrids and varieties of plants into the catalogs of the company, which differ from the maternal ones by increased resistance to diseases and parasites.

Particular attention is paid to increasing winter hardiness indicators. That is why the overwhelming majority of products endure seasonal temperature fluctuations without critical losses for themselves.

Reviews about tomatoes from the Altai Seeds agrofirm:

What products does the Altai Seeds agrofirm manufacture, how seeds and seedlings are sold

The popularity of the agricultural firm is due not only to the high quality of products, which is the main asset of any company. The second point that will not leave customers indifferent is the richness of the assortment.

So, the products are represented by a wide variety of materials:

  • Specialized dressings for each type and variety of plants;
  • Pet supplies for pets;
  • Products made from coconut fiber;
  • Means for combating diseases and pests;
  • Planting material - seeds (flowers, vegetables, lawn grass, shrubs), seedlings, bulbs;
  • Soil mixtures;
  • Covering material;
  • Garden and vegetable garden care products.

Another advantage of the company is the affordable price of the products, which keep pace with the high quality. The sale of goods is carried out in several ways, for a single purchase it is recommended to contact retail outlets or order on the company's website.

For the wholesale purchase of planting material, it is recommended to contact the wholesale office, where the company's specialist will help you not only to find everything you need, but also to draw up an order according to the most favorable conditions for the client.

Buying products in the online store

The purchase of any goods on the Internet is a common practice of our time, which has a number of undeniable advantages.

The main positives are:

  • Convenience of ordering - it takes only a few minutes and does not require additional expenses for transport to the point of sale;
  • The ability to explore the entire assortment - not always all products are present at a particular outlet;
  • Access to unbiased customer reviews.

Positive aspects play a significant role, both in bulk and single purchase. However, here you should be extremely careful and place an order only on the official website of the company.

Otherwise, there is a danger of encountering fraudsters and either not receiving an order at all, or the product will be inferior in quality to the expected in a number of indicators.

Reviews about the company's products

Among the customer reviews of the company, there are both positive and negative. In a number of cases, new customers look directly at these reviews, before placing an order in a new, unfamiliar company.

Positive reviews note the speed of delivery and the wide range of products that grows every year. In addition, the declared qualities of the goods, subject to the rules of growing plants and caring for them, are fully consistent. So, summer residents note the taste of fruits grown from the planting material of the company, and the resistance of plants to the negative influence of external factors.

Particular attention is paid to frost resistance, this indicator plays a major role for plants in the northern regions.

However, along with positive reviews, there are also a number of negative ones. So, some note that the seeds received did not sprout or that the package did not contain what was indicated when placing the order.

However, given that not all gardeners pay attention to caring for plants after planting, these reviews can not always be called fair. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely abolish the human factor and mistakes are possible when sending a parcel, however, this problem is inherent in every production where people are involved.

We offer you to watch an interesting video about the agricultural company Semyon Altai:

Of course, you cannot completely ignore the feedback on the work of a particular company, but the best way to make sure of the quality of the company's work is through experience. Too often, reviews are subjective and believe it or not is everyone's choice.

Agrofirm Semyon Altai is a fairly popular company that produces and sells planting material and garden products, which has won the well-deserved respect of consumers.

Thanks to the painstaking work of breeders, only the best products at affordable prices are presented in the company's catalogs.

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