How to prune a room rose for the winter, types of pruning, features of the procedure

How to prune a room rose for the winter, types of pruning, features of the procedure

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Fresh flowers are the best decoration for a garden or home. This flower requires constant care, especially it needs regular pruning.

The article will discuss how to prune a room rose for the winter or at other times of the year, what are the subtleties of the procedure.


  • Pruning a room rose - for what purpose it is made
  • Pruning types
  • Basic pruning, when and how
  • Seasonal pruning
  • How to prune a room rose for the winter after flowering
  • Autumn pruning of a room rose
  • Sanitary scraps
  • Formative
  • How to prune a rose to bloom, how to get permanent bloom

Pruning a room rose - for what purpose it is made

Pruning is carried out in order to eliminate thickening of the bush, and to stimulate profuse flowering.

The principle and technology is the same as for garden bush roses.

The main task is to remove or shorten old shoots in order to allow new ones to grow. Without pruning, flowering is possible, but the buds will be small and scarce. It can also lead to disease and even death of the plant.

It is important to avoid 2 mistakes during manipulation:

  • If the procedure is carried out ahead of time, when the daylight hours are still short, the branches will begin to develop poorly, flowering will be rare, and foliage will suffer.
  • If it is too late to prune the rose, when growth appears from the buds, then the shearing will stop the growth of the stem. As a result, due to exhaustion, the flower does not have enough strength to form buds.

In order to avoid mistakes, it is important to know in advance how and when pruning is done.

Pruning types

There are several options for trimming.

Basic trimmingHeld annually and regularly, at the same time period.
RegulatoryPerformed as needed, if extra or weak shoots have appeared.
FormativeTo create a beautiful shape.
Seasonal pruningAt certain times of the year, manipulations are performed that allow the bush to bloom better, promote growth.
SanitarySick or weak shoots are cut to the base, while the cuts are processed with special means.

Pruning is divided into classes shown in the table.

Long cutOnly the top is cut off, performed in the fall
ModerateCarried out regularly, during the entire growing season
ShortWhen a rose needs a complete shearing of all shoots due to illness
CombinedIncludes multiple trims at the same time

Each species is carried out in a specific season, or depending on the condition of the plant. Let's discuss trimming options in more detail.

Basic pruning, when and how

Basic pruning is done in late February or early March. To accurately guess the time, you need to be guided by the swelling of the kidneys, they should begin to develop, but should not have time to open.

This pruning should be done when daylight hours are at least ten hours.

Carrying out technology:

  • It is necessary to eliminate all weak, diseased or dry branches. This allows the flower not to waste extra energy on barren flowers.
  • Remove excess growths in the central part. Slices should be performed along the external kidneys. A sharp knife is used as a tool. A cut is made from the bud to the shoot.
  • If several shoots have formed between the stem and the leaf at once, you need to leave one, the one that looks stronger and healthier.
  • After such a manipulation, the flower must be placed on the windowsill, where there is more light, so that it is saturated with solar energy and strengthened.

Seasonal pruning

Seasonal pruning is carried out according to the same principle, in each season the emphasis is on something specific, namely:

  • In the spring, healthy twigs are shortened, and dry and damaged ones are removed if this was not done before the dormant period.
  • In the summer, excess shoots are cut off, since later they can lead to the formation of a fungus. Since the rose actively blooms in summer, periodically you need to cut off dry inflorescences and branches, this is accompanied by long flowering and the formation of fresh buds.
  • In the fall, pruning is done in order to give the root system a rest and prepare it for the next year. The procedure includes the removal of wilted flowers, leaves, the top is cut off.
  • In winter, the bush should be completely inspected, all injured parts should be eliminated.

Let's watch an interesting video on when and how to cut a room rose:

How to prune a room rose for the winter after flowering

For the winter, pruning is carried out to remove wilted buds and for the active growth of the root system and stem. The manipulation is carried out immediately after the reset of all inflorescences and leaves.

The procedure is carried out with a sharp knife, which should be disinfected before this. Shoots are cut to the third, fourth bud.

You should also remove young shoots, since they will not overwinter, but will take up extra strength. The same must be done with the branches that have formed inside the bush, and interfere with the development of the rest.

Old roses can not be pruned in winter, so as not to injure the plants once again, but to perform these actions in the spring.

Let's see how to cut a room rose for the winter:

Autumn pruning of a room rose

In the fall, pruning is not only done to support the plant. In mid-October, they begin to heat in apartments and houses, so dry air prevents the formation of buds, the shape of the stem and bush is deformed. To avoid this, you need to shorten the stem, leaving five buds.

You can also thin out the bush and eliminate dry foliage without waiting for it to fall off itself.

Sanitary scraps

Sanitary pruning is mandatory and basic.

It includes the following manipulations:

  • Dry, crooked and injured shoots are cut. Only healthy branches are left.
  • If there are absolutely no buds on the shoot, it can be cut off completely. Also, you need to cut off to the base:
  • shoots that do not have an upper central plug (bud);
  • strongly curved;
  • one of the branches that grows at the same time from the same bud;
  • central shoots that drown out the crown.

The bushes are then examined for disease or fungus.

If such manipulations have already been carried out after the flowers have fallen off, the listed actions do not need to be carried out. You can simply inspect the flower and eliminate all unnecessary things.


Undercutting for molding is optional. Some people prefer a strict shape, for example, in the form of a cone or a ball. If you cut the height, the rose is low and the bush is flat.

Also, the formation depends on the variety of the crop. Chinese or floribundas can be trimmed in different ways, but elliptical, conical and spheroidal shapes are suitable for miniature varieties.

If you bought an adult rose, then to change the shape, you need to shorten and cut off the side shoots gradually, the desired shape will turn out in two years. Thanks to such slow actions, the flower is given time to regenerate and thicken the crown.

How to prune a rose to bloom, how to get permanent bloom

Some people think that in order to increase the flowering period, you need to constantly prune. However, this is a moot point. Many gardeners believe that it is better not to prune during the flowering period, since the stem loses strength and recovers.

It is recommended to cut the stem up to 5 buds to resume the growth of new buds, and regularly cut off the already faded flowers during the flowering period.

Anyway, dry buds create a sloppy look and eliminating them won't be superfluous. In the middle of autumn, when the day begins to decrease, the flowers will cease to be tied, and this cannot be influenced in any way.

So, indoor roses need constant care, only in this case the plant will bloom for a long time and delight its owners.

An important role is played by pruning the bush, this will not only improve the health of the flower, but also allow it to give it a special shape.

Watch the video: How to Prune Your Roses in 4 Easy Steps (June 2022).


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