Brighton strawberry

Brighton strawberry

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Rarely will anyone refuse to taste the aromatic ripe strawberries. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more difficult to find on sale organic strawberries grown in their natural environment.


  • Features of Brighton strawberry
  • Tips for purchasing seedlings
  • Soil preparation
  • Landing
  • Care

Can you grow a delicious berry on your own plot? This will not cause much difficulty, and you will be satisfied with the result. The berry is good in any form: you can enjoy it fresh, freeze it, cook jam or compote.

Features of Brighton strawberry

One of the favorite varieties of gardeners is the Brighton strawberry - an excellent representative of semi-renovated varieties. Bred by American specialists, it has become widespread among Russian gardeners. The berries are beautiful, large, their shape is similar to a cone with a blunt end.

Brighton strawberries are distinguished by their light pineapple flavor. In addition, the berries are dense, which means that they are easy to transport from the summer cottage to the house. They are not deformed and after transportation will look like freshly harvested. Strawberries produce rather sweet and large fruits, colored in a reddish-orange color.

Gardeners also love this strawberry variety for its intense flowering and abundance of berries, no matter how many hours of daylight hours. The plant multiplies rapidly, forming a large number of antennae in a short time.

If you want to enjoy delicious fruits from the beginning of spring to the very frost, then Brighton strawberries are just what you need. If you plant the first rosettes in the spring, then in August and early September you can start harvesting the first crop. We decided on the variety, now you can start buying seedlings and planting them.

Tips for purchasing seedlings

Strawberry seedlings, however, like any other garden plant, should be purchased in proven specialized stores. Pay attention to the condition of the plant - it must be strong and healthy and, of course, free from traces of pests or diseases.

The rosette should have a few leaves, strong roots and a fresh look.

One of the features of Brighton strawberries that has a positive effect on the amount of the crop is that agronomists instilled in it immunity against pests. This increased her resistance to disease. She is resistant to diseases, but this cannot save her from another scourge - insects and rodents. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is not attacked by pests.

Soil preparation

Before planting, the soil should be well prepared, ideally loamy. When digging up the ground, you need to free it from weeds, especially from those whose roots go deep into the depths. To make the soil looser, you need to add a little sand to it, which will also retain moisture.

Brighton strawberries love loose nutritious soil, so the site must be fertilized with organic matter (humus, ash). After scattering sawdust, the soil should be carefully dug up. After that, water the soil.

If the soil is not very fertile, you can add a little fertilizer to the holes.


Armed with such simple knowledge, you can start landing. The beginning of May is the best time for this activity!

When disembarking, you cannot cut off, as it might seem, extra roots. Having a good root system guarantees good survival, so you should be careful.

When planting, be sure to make sure that the roots are not exposed, otherwise the plant will deteriorate without starting to bloom. The strawberries must sit firmly enough in the soil so that they cannot be pulled out.

If you live in high humidity climates, strawberries are best planted at the top of the furrow. Excess moisture will drain down and the plant will not be in danger of decay. This planting method is also good because it makes it easier to care for the crop, and it is easier to harvest the crop this way.

This culture prefers to grow freely, therefore, the distance between the seedlings necessary for the normal development of the plant is at least 20 cm, between the rows - 50 cm. After planting, the holes with the seedlings must be watered.


Caring for this delicious berry is not particularly difficult. However, it must be constant, this is the only way to get a good harvest.

You need to water it as the soil dries. In this case, it is important to ensure that the plant does not get sick with gray rot. Therefore, it is recommended to water the strawberries every few days, but generously.

Pest control is also easy. To do this, you need to dilute some ash with water and spray the plant with a broom or a wide brush. This will save you from the tick. In addition, this fertilizer, leaving the soil, will serve as a good top dressing.

To protect Brighton strawberries from mechanical stress and weather conditions, the soil must be mulched. Sawdust, straw or needles are good for this.

Collect ripe fragrant berries from your site - what could be better for an amateur gardener. Anyone can grow juicy, environmentally friendly strawberries - if they wish.

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