What can be cooked with chokeberry, recipes for jam, adjika, wine, liqueur

What can be cooked with chokeberry, recipes for jam, adjika, wine, liqueur

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Chokeberry is grown in gardens, initially it was cultivated as an ornamental plant, today it is referred to as a fruit and berry plant.

Chokeberry is also known as black chokeberry, or chokeberry. It was found that the fruits of the plant have unique properties.

Let's look at what useful things can be cooked with chokeberry without spending a lot of time. We will also find out what delicious blanks can be made from berries.


  • Chokeberry, description, useful properties
  • What can be cooked with chokeberry
  • What to cook from frozen chokeberry
  • Chokeberry in sugar and mashed with sugar
  • Recipes for liqueurs, wines and liquor
  • Chokeberry adjika
  • To whom chokeberry berries are contraindicated

Chokeberry description, useful properties

Chokeberry, depending on the specifics of the formation of the crown, is a shrub or a small tree, its fruits are large enough.

Her homeland is North America, at the end of the 19th century she was brought to European countries. Its fruits have been used in cooking not so long ago.

The berries are black in color with a bluish dusting, resembling a ball in shape. Inside they contain juicy pulp, sweet and sour taste. The fruits can be used fresh, dried or frozen.

Caring for the bush does not require special agrotechnical techniques, the plant easily tolerates frosts.

There are a lot of useful properties, thanks to the constituent components.


  • beta carotene;
  • boron and molybdenum;
  • vitamins, groups B (B1, B6, B2), K, P, E and ascorbic acid;
  • fluorine and copper;
  • sucrose and fructose;
  • glucose and tannins;
  • manganese and iron;
  • pectins.

In alternative medicine, leaves and fruits are used to treat such pathologies:

  • high cholesterol;
  • hypertension, hypotension;
  • low immunity;
  • liver failure;
  • removes heavy metals and radioactive substances from the body;
  • bowel disease;
  • cholecystitis.

If you use the product for medicinal purposes, you need to consult a doctor, as there are contraindications.

What can be cooked with chokeberry

From this type of fish you can cook:

  • jams and sorbets;
  • marmalade and juices;
  • jelly and jam;
  • smoothies and jelly;
  • compotes and candied fruits;
  • liqueurs and wine.

Juice recommendations:

  • Fresh fruits must be squeezed out and placed in a container.
  • Set aside the squeezed juice, and pour the berries with boiled warm water (there is one glass of water per kilogram of cake).
  • It is insisted for three hours and wrung out again.
  • Now you need to mix the freshly squeezed juice and the extraction broth.
  • Strain the drink through cheesecloth and heat to eighty-five degrees.

For the winter, you can make delicious jam. Due to its high content of vitamins, it helps with colds and strengthens the immune system.


  • a kilogram of mountain ash;
  • three hundred grams of apple juice;
  • 1.5 kilograms of granulated sugar.

Cooking method:

  • The fruits are washed and peeled, then sent to boiling water for five minutes for blanching. Sugar syrup is prepared separately.
  • Now the water is drained, the berries are poured into a container with syrup, and boiled for five minutes. Remove from heat and leave to infuse for a day.
  • After the specified time, the jam is boiled again until fully cooked, the berries should sink to the bottom of the container.
  • The jam is poured into clean and dry floor-liter jars, closed with ordinary lids.

You can also make a good marinade without using vinegar.

Ingredients for pouring:

  • a few pieces of cinnamon and cloves;
  • litere of water;
  • 4 allspice peas;
  • 670 grams of sugar.

All components are mixed and put on fire, the product is brought to a boil.

Apples and rowan berries are mixed in jars, and poured with prepared filling. The marinade needs to be kept for six hours, then pasteurized for fifteen minutes on fire (temperature ninety degrees) and rolled up.

In fact, there are many dishes, each housewife can choose what her family prefers or come up with exclusive recipes.

What to cook from frozen food

Frozen chokeberry goes well with dairy products, especially yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese. Here are some delicious recipes.

Recipe # 1: Sorbet or Fruit Ice Cream


  • a glass of sugar;
  • lemons - 2 pieces;
  • 800 grams of strawberries;
  • 300 grams of mountain ash;
  • one orange;
  • water a little less than half a glass.

Cooking principle:

  • The peel is removed from the lemon and orange and the juice is squeezed out. You do not need to throw out the zest, it can be grated with small cloves.
  • Chop strawberries and mountain ash with a blender.
  • Sugar, zest, water are poured into a shallow container and put on a small fire to boil. The mixture is boiled for no more than 5 minutes.
  • The sorbet should now cool down well. Lemon and orange juice, strawberry and mountain ash syrup are added to the finished mixture. Mix thoroughly.
  • The berry mass is poured into molds and placed in the freezer for freezing. The ice cream will be completely ready to eat in six to seven hours.

This ice cream is very tasty and low-calorie, because there are no eggs or milk in the composition.

Can be cooked in winter and summer. In winter, strawberries can be replaced with another berry.

Recipe # 2: Smoothie

In addition to ice cream, you can make a delicious berry cocktail - smoothie.


  • Orange juice;
  • yogurt;
  • sugar;
  • frozen mountain ash.

It is better to use natural yogurt, you can cook it yourself.

Pour 200 grams of yogurt, nine rowan berries, three tablespoons of orange juice and sugar into one container.

The cocktail is ready, served on the table in a transparent bowl with a lemon wedge or a mint leaf.

Recipe # 3: Yoghurt Cake

You will need:

  • friable cookies - 250 grams;
  • butter - 250 grams;
  • blackberry - 300 grams;
  • gelatin - 15 grams;
  • a pinch of cinnamon;
  • sugar to taste;
  • cream - 600 grams;
  • yogurt - 150 grams.

Cooking principle:

  • In a blender, you need to interrupt the butter and cookies (before this, you need to knead the cookies with your hands, and melt the butter). The resulting mass must be poured into a mold and refrigerated.
  • Separately take rowan berries, add sugar, cinnamon, gelatin there and put on fire to heat. Then the mixture is cooled.
  • Now the cream is being prepared. For this, the yoghurt and cream are thoroughly whipped.
  • Next, we collect the cake. First, lay out the biscuit cake, pour the jelly-berry layer on top, and at the very end apply the cream.
  • The cake is placed in the refrigerator, and in the morning it is ready for consumption.

It is important to consider that this recipe is very high in calories, so people who are overweight or dieters need to eat a little.

Chokeberry in sugar, mashed with sugar

Here are some popular recipes.

First recipe, components:

  • rowan fruits - one kilogram;
  • granulated sugar - seven hundred to eight hundred grams.

Cooking principle:

  • The fruits are washed and left to dry.
  • Now the berries are killed with a blender or meat grinder.
  • The resulting puree mass is mixed with sugar. It turns out not boiled jam.
  • Then it is poured into sterilized jars and closed with lids.
  • You can store the jam in the basement or refrigerator.

The second recipe, which includes:

  • chokeberry - one and a half kilograms;
  • powdered sugar or sugar - a little more than a kilogram;
  • lemon - two pieces.

Cooking method:

  • The peel is removed from the lemon, the seeds are removed. The fruit is divided into slices and mixed with sugar through a meat grinder. Chokeberry is also ground.
  • Then two mashed potatoes are combined and left for half an hour.
  • While the mixture is infusing, you can prepare jars and lids, they can be steamed in a steam bath or in an oven.
  • Pour the dish into prepared containers and seal.
  • The product is stored in the refrigerator. If you do not open the lid and let air in, this jam remains useful for a couple of months.
  • You can experiment by adding other citrus fruits or berries instead of lemon.

And one more way to make chokeberry jam, watch the video:

Liqueur, wine and liquor recipes

Self-made alcoholic drinks contain many beneficial trace elements and are much tastier.

Three such drinks can be prepared from blackberry: wine, liqueur and liqueur. Here are some cooking options.

Option 1: Filling


  • rowan fruits - one kilogram;
  • ninety-five percent alcohol - half a liter;
  • vodka - half a liter;
  • honey - half a liter;
  • sugar - one glass.


  • Peel, wash and dry the fruits.
  • Divide into jars and sprinkle with sugar. Grate the berries with sugar and leave for an hour to form juice.
  • Now you can add alcohol, honey and vodka.
  • Close the container and shake thoroughly to mix all the ingredients. Leave the liqueur for 35 days in a basement or cool, dark room.
  • Now the drink needs to be filtered through a bandage or gauze, and then poured into prepared bottles.

The filling will be completely ready in a couple of months. You can drink it right away, but the taste will suffer from this.

Option 2: liquor

For the preparation of liqueur, you should use chokeberry collected during the first frost. It is during this period that the fruits become less tart and much sweeter.


  • one kilogram of blackberry;
  • half a liter of vodka;
  • half a liter of alcohol (food);
  • five pieces of cloves;
  • two hundred and fifty milligrams of water;
  • half a kilo of sugar;
  • vanilla stick (half);
  • orange and lemon zest.

Cooking method:

  • If it was not possible to collect the fruits of mountain ash after frost, then the berries should be put in the freezer, and then defrost and mash.
  • This will reduce astringency, improve the quality of the liqueur taste.
  • In a container you need to throw vanilla, zest, thawed fruits and cloves, and pour alcohol and vodka.
  • Leave the liquor to infuse for a month in a cold place. Thirty days later, the infusion is drained, filtered.
  • Cook sugar syrup separately by mixing water with sugar.
  • Allow the syrup to cool before use.
  • The drink is mixed with sugar syrup, filtered again and bottled (it is advisable to use dark ones so that the liqueur gets less light).

You need to leave the liquor for three months, ideally the aging stage is six months. The liquor is now ready for tasting.

Option 3: Wine


  • Half a liter of vodka.
  • 4 kilograms of sugar.
  • 5 kg of mountain ash.
  • 5 grams of cinnamon.

Operating principle:

  • The berries are sorted out to find damaged and injured fruits. Then, using a wooden spoon or hands, knead them thoroughly, add cinnamon and sugar.
  • The prepared mixture must be poured into a bucket, put in a warm place and covered with a cloth.
  • The wine must be constantly stirred until it ferments.
  • After eight days, you need to squeeze out the cake and filter the drink several times through a sieve or cheesecloth.
  • Pour the clarified juice into a container and wait until it stops fermenting.
  • The wine is filtered for the last time, mixed with vodka and poured into bottles or bottles.
  • The containers are closed and placed in the cellar.

The final wine will be prepared in 6 months. It tastes like liqueur, only slightly sweeter.

Let's watch a video about making wine from chokeberry:

[vieo: https: //]

Chokeberry adjika

The recipe is very simple, you will need:

  • seven hundred grams of rowan fruits;
  • four heads of garlic;
  • two bitter peppers;
  • a bunch of celery or parsley (you can take other greens);
  • one hundred twenty-five grams of granulated sugar;
  • sixty grams of vinegar;
  • two large spoons of salt;
  • spoon suneli or hops;
  • the same spoonful of cinnamon;
  • seasoning and sugar (optional).

Cooking method:

  • Garlic, parsley, mountain ash and hot pepper are interrupted in a blender, meat grinder.
  • Salt and the rest of the ingredients are added to them.
  • Adjika is left for a couple of days for readiness. It is not necessary to put the dish in the refrigerator, it can be cooked at room temperature.

Contraindications to the use of berries

The fruits have both beneficial and harmful properties.

Chokeberry is not recommended for use when:

  • gastroduodenitis
  • varicose veins
  • ischemia of the heart
  • thrombophlebitis
  • duodenal ulcer
  • high rate of blood clotting
  • Stomach ulcer.

With care, you need to give fruit to children.

In other cases, if the product is consumed in moderation, then health problems should not arise.

On the contrary, nutritious and healthy berries will saturate the body with trace elements and vitamins.

So, chokeberry is an ideal product for making desserts and sweets. All the hostess needs is to adhere to the recipe.

Watch the video: How to Make Peach Infused Liquor (August 2022).