Growing lotus from seeds at home, features of the content

Growing lotus from seeds at home, features of the content

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The lotus is considered to be a very beautiful exotic plant. The flower is quite ancient, therefore it is often mentioned in legends and myths.

Growing it on a personal plot or in an apartment is a very painstaking business, requiring time, investment and careful study of a certain kind of literature.


  1. Lotus - plant features
  2. Lotus in the apartment - is it possible to keep at home
  3. How to germinate seeds
  4. We plant the lotus in the substrate correctly
  5. Plant maintenance and care

Lotus - plant features

Breeders around the world show great interest in this plant and do not stop work related to improving the qualities of existing varieties and breeding new ones.

The lotus, as a decorative culture, has a special value, it is mentioned in religious writings, ancient works of culture and modern ones.

Owners of household plots living in the middle lane and wishing to grow perennial amphibian shrubs on their site for special decoration of personal water bodies, you need to be prepared to overcome some of the difficulties associated with growing and caring in the future.

You can purchase seeds or tubers of homemade lotus exclusively in a specialized store. Experts advise novice gardeners, after studying special thematic literature, to listen to detailed advice on the specifics of growing and leaving from a sales assistant.

Lotus in the apartment - is it possible to grow at home

Today, thanks to breeders, there are miniature lotuses that are suitable for growing in apartment conditions. House flowers of this kind are divided into two types: Indian and yellow.

In order to grow a lotus in a pot, you will first need to germinate seeds. This option is best used in regions where climatic conditions are far from tropical. Plants sprouted from seeds will adapt much faster to the temperature regime of a given area and will better perceive dryness and high temperatures in summer.

How to germinate seeds

The shape of the seeds visually resembles small nuts, which have a fairly dense and hard pericarp. In order for the seeds to sprout as quickly as possible, their blunt part is filed a little. To make the cut, sandpaper will be enough. It is much more convenient and easier to work with it.

After the cut, the seeds must be placed in a small container filled with water. After about six days, a root should appear from the place where the cut was made. The water temperature in the container should not be less than +18 degrees and not exceed +25.

You need to think about ways to maintain the agreed temperature regime in advance. After a few weeks, the sprouts that have formed can be placed on a permanent residence.

This option is suitable both for growing a lotus in a pond and for growing in a pot. Asking the question of how to grow a lotus in an aquarium, you should pay attention to the above information.

We plant the lotus in the substrate correctly

It is also worth noting that for the option of growing in a pot, you will need to perform the following steps: purchase a pot of the required shape and size, fill it with earth or peat, fill it with the required amount of water and only then plant the germinated plant.

The seeds must be buried in the soil at least 7 cm. But, the underwater foliage must be submerged in the soil, and the surface foliage must be located on the surface of the water. It is necessary to monitor the amount of water in the pot and, as necessary, to top it up in a certain amount in a timely manner.

Plant maintenance and care

Next, consider any special conditions that will help you grow the original plant.


To maintain the correct temperature regime, it is necessary to remember the fact that the plant's homeland is an area with a tropical climate. It is on the basis of this fact that the temperature requirements of the plant are special. In the room where the container with the flower is located, the temperature must be maintained from +25 to + 30 degrees. Moreover, the regime must be observed both around the clock and all year round.


The plant is very light-loving, so the appropriate place for its location should be selected. Provided that all the recommendations for growing are followed, flowering can be observed throughout the year.


The flower is very fond of high humidity. Both petals and foliage are very positive about getting water on them. Proceeding from this, it is quite possible to place them in a reservoir with a fountain equipped in it. This will create additional constant moisture necessary for the flower and will look very original in the overall composition.


From time to time, the appearance of caterpillars and aphids can be observed on the foliage. Fighting aphids is easy. You just need to rinse it off with water. Eliminating caterpillars will require the purchase and use of suitable insecticides.


For home cultivation, the container or pot must be large enough in size and volume. The thickness of the soil layer in them must be at least 5 cm, and the thickness of the water layer above it must be at least 50 cm.

Provided the pot is round, the root system should be in the middle. The amount of water in the container must be constantly monitored and replenished in a timely manner.

Wintering in an open reservoir

Provided that the lotus is in an open-air reservoir, the onset of the cold season should be a signal for the owners to cover the frozen pond with foam plates. This will exclude the possibility of water freezing. If the plants are planted in containers, it is better to organize their wintering in the basement.

For the apartment lotus, with the arrival of the first cold days, the volume of water is reduced, the pot is insulated with moss and moved to a darker place.

We will learn more about growing lotus from seeds at home when watching the video:

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