How to water Women's happiness at home, how to spray and fertilize

How to water Women's happiness at home, how to spray and fertilize

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Spathiphyllum (or Women's Happiness) is a beautiful plant with rich green foliage and delicate bizarre flowers. Originally from the tropics, it belongs to the Aroid family.


  1. Description of the flower
  2. Spathiphyllum - home care, what problems can you face
  3. How to properly water a flower Women's happiness when growing at home
  4. Spraying
  5. How and when to fertilize

Description of the plant

The main feature of Feminine happiness is the fact that it has practically no stem. Outwardly, it seems that its elongated leaves grow out of the ground, like the stems of a bush.

Other features of the flower include:

  • It has unique properties to purify the air from harmful microelements. Absorbs a large amount of toxic substances, including those emitted by finishing materials used for repairs.
  • The sail, which is mistaken for a flower, is actually a kind of bait for insects. The flower looks like an ear of corn and is located in the center of the so-called sails.

Toxicity - Spathiphyllum leaves contain a large amount of calcium oxalate.

Its contact with mucous membranes causes an acute burning sensation. Therefore, it is better to work with him with gloves.

It is interesting that Women's happiness is called because of the peculiar shape of the flowers, which is compared with the phallic one. According to popular belief, a girl who wants to improve her personal life should definitely put this plant on the windowsill.

Spathiphyllum - home care, what problems can you face

Despite the fact that the plant is unpretentious, it can also get sick.

The main problems faced during cultivation include:

  • The fading of the leaves develops due to a lack of light;
  • If the flower of Women's happiness does not bloom, you should pay attention to the amount of fertilizer applied. Often, the reason lies either in a lack or in an overabundance. Other potential obstacles to flowering include low air temperatures;
  • The formation of a yellow border at the edges of the leaf blades is the result of insufficient lighting and an excess of bleach in the water for irrigation;
  • Blackening of the leaves is the first signal of a lack of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus;
  • Wrinkling or curling of leaves, the formation of a brown border along the edges of the plates provoke a lack of water, low temperatures or dry air;
  • Flower Feminine happiness dry leaves due to lack of moisture in the air.

In addition, drying out of the leaves can provoke a lack or excess of micronutrients.

In addition to diseases, Spathiphyllum can suffer from attacks of thrips or mealybugs. To protect it, it is recommended that the flower does not come into contact with newly acquired houseplants that may be affected by pests.

How to properly water a flower Women's happiness when growing at home

Despite the external fragility of a plant like Spathiphyllum, home care will not present any particular problems. However, there are a number of rules to follow.

One of the main conventions is how to water Women's happiness at home. It is no secret that the plant needs abundant watering, but this does not mean that it needs to be poured. An excessive amount of moisture can provoke rotting of the root system and subsequent death.

The need for watering should be determined by the state of the topsoil. Moisturize as it dries.

For watering, it is important to use only settled water at room temperature. Too hard or cold water can negatively affect the condition of the plant.

It is important to consider that moderation is needed in everything. An abundance of watering for Spathiphyllum is just as destructive as a lack.

Spraying the plant

Spraying the bush is no less important than direct watering. Since a humid and warm climate prevails in the homeland of Women's happiness, it is important to recreate these conditions.

For this it is recommended:

  • Spray the plant with a spray bottle at least 2-3 times a day. Do not allow direct sunlight to fall on the leaves. This can provoke the development of a burn;
  • In winter, one spraying is enough. You can put a damp towel on the battery, next to which there is Women's Happiness;
  • You can also maintain the desired moisture level by placing Spathiphyllum next to the aquarium.

It is important to remember that in addition to watering and spraying, Women's happiness needs systematic wiping of the leaves with a damp sponge. This will help protect it from damage by sooty fungus and scale insects.

With sufficient watering and normal air humidity, the plant will not slow down to please the owner with rapid growth and abundant flowering.

How and when to fertilize Spathiphyllum

Systematic feeding of Women's Happiness, in conjunction with the correct temperature regime and sufficient watering, ensures long flowering.

It is important to consider that Spathiphyllum belongs to a small group of plants that need year-round feeding:

  • In the spring-autumn period, it is recommended to feed once every two weeks;
  • In winter, once every three to four weeks.

Fertilizers can be used:

  • Organic - mullein, diluted with water or biological feed Biud or Rainbow;
  • Mineral - Kemira, which must be diluted in accordance with the instructions. Apply to wet soil.

Another important aspect of caring for Spathiphyllum is transplantation. It is recommended to produce it after it has faded. It is also important to remember that the new container should be slightly larger than the old one.

With the right fertilizer, following all the rules for feeding and transplanting, Spathiphyllum will delight the owners with a cheerful look and an abundance of beautiful flowers.

Spathiphyllum is a delicate and beautiful houseplant that will decorate any windowsill. However, when caring for him, it is important to pay attention to the peculiarities of the temperature regime and the rules of watering.

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