In practice, growing strawberries from seeds is feasible

In practice, growing strawberries from seeds is feasible

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How do you grow strawberries from seeds? To enjoy the harvest of berries in the first summer, in March - April it is already necessary to sow seeds. It needs to be made light and friable, and moisture should absorb it well.

Planting strawberries from seeds

She has small seeds. There should be a lot of coarse-grained sand and peat in the ground for them. We also need humus. We maintain a ratio of 1: 1: 2. Steam the soil first, or at least work it out with a solution of potassium permanganate. Sowing is carried out in bowls, boxes, pots. The container should have drainage holes. It is also better not to take a container with a strong depth. In such a case, the soil will quickly become dry. Next, we do the following.

  • A substrate is needed - it is poured 2-3 days before the sowing itself;
  • When the earth reaches room temperature and is saturated with moisture, water it with something like a pink solution of the Maxim drug. You need 2 ml if you take 2 liters of water;
  • The surface of the soil is compared, then the seeds must be distributed in an even order;
  • When sowing, they are laid out on the surface, it is not necessary to sprinkle them;
  • Then you need to spray with water, cover the containers with glass or polyethylene film;
  • Choose a place - you need a sunny, high temperature. This is how shoots appear.

Delicate sprouts evoke affection. They are tiny. If you make the temperature higher than 17 degrees, they will grow up quickly. If you leave it below 17, growth will go on for 3 months. At a low temperature, growing strawberries from seeds will not be realized at all, everything will simply rot.

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