How to plant potatoes with a walk-behind tractor?

How to plant potatoes with a walk-behind tractor?

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Most summer residents allocate a place for potatoes on their site. But planting and harvesting potatoes is a lot of hassle.

To simplify planting potatoes, you can use special devices. How to plant potatoes with a walk-behind tractor? This question arises for many summer residents, since it is very difficult to find instructions for this device.

The first step is to make the furrows. We pass the first furrow, you need to try to do it smoothly. Then we put the wheel of the walk-behind tractor near the edge of the first furrow and thus pass the second furrow. We make the rest of the furrows in the same way. With this method, the distance between the furrows is about 60 cm, which is the most optimal.

After we have formed all the furrows, we prepare the potato seeds. If necessary, we apply fertilizer in advance. Distribute the potato seeds evenly over all furrows. After that, using a walk-behind tractor, you can fill in the potatoes in the furrows. To do this, the walk-behind tractor must be positioned so that one wheel goes over the potatoes, then even rows and uniform falling asleep will be ensured.

At the first stage, it is advisable to use metal wheels, and at the second, when filling potatoes, rubber ones. This is to avoid damaging the planted potatoes in the furrows.

The walk-behind tractor is very popular with summer residents, since planting potatoes with a walk-behind tractor is very quick and easy. The tiller is an excellent option for planting potatoes over a large area.

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