Seed germinator, reviews, how to choose the right model

Seed germinator, reviews, how to choose the right model

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Many fans of a healthy lifestyle sprout plant seeds at home and eat them. And for good reason - this is a reliable way to enrich the body with almost everything necessary for good health: vitamins, fiber, microelements.

By sprouting seeds on their own, a person will be confident in the quality and benefits. In addition, you can make a sprout with your own hands, without spending a lot of time and money.


  1. About the benefits of seedlings, composition
  2. Ordinary and automatic germinators, advantages and disadvantages
  3. Micro farm, mini-town, air garden
  4. How to choose the right germinator

About the benefits of seedlings, composition

Currently, all kinds of vitamin complexes are widely advertised in the media, which supposedly just need to be consumed by everyone. However, the benefits of synthetic vitamins are questionable, some are simply not absorbed by the body.

Natural vitamins have a very complex molecular structure that is not easy to produce in a laboratory. In addition, natural components in products are in a certain balance with other substances, a person does not eat any substance separately, but the whole system. Synthetic vitamins are not such a balanced system.

A sprout is a plant at the stage from the embryo to the appearance of the leaf of the main shoot. At this moment, the plant is in the stage of maximum vital activity.

The seedlings contain:

  • Vitamin complex
  • Proteins, carbohydrates
  • Trace elements: calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, phosphorus and others
  • Antioxidants
  • Dietary fiber (fiber)
  • Mineral salts

A balanced diet strengthens the immune system, slows down aging.

Correctly selected seedlings are capable of:

  • eliminate the deficiency of vitamins and other active substances
  • eliminate diseases of the stomach, circulatory system
  • positively affect the functioning of the brain and nervous system

The composition of each culture is individual, some grains have contraindications under certain conditions, but in most cases the seedlings are only beneficial. And one more plus - germination does not require a lot of money.

Experts say that the sprouts eaten at night will not let you fall asleep: they very much stimulate the body. Sprouts are best consumed for breakfast, getting a boost of vivacity for the day. They start with one or two teaspoons, gradually by the third month, bringing to a portion of 70 grams, no more.

Ordinary and automatic germinators, advantages and disadvantages

Of course, the consumption of the product in such quantities, and besides, if all family members are supporters of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, can affect the state of the wallet - it will be somewhat expensive to constantly buy ready-made sprouts.

Therefore, it makes sense to consider in detail the options for obtaining the product yourself. Taking care of germinating grains will not take a lot of time, the purchase of source material will cost, as they say, a penny. The only thing. what you have to take care of - buying or making a sprout yourself.

The simplest sprout that is available in the store consists of two containers: one with holes, nested in the second without holes, and between the bottom of the first and the second there is a space for water.

You can purchase an ordinary clay germinator, it absorbs some water, then gradually gives this moisture to the plants, the conditions are as similar to natural as possible. The walls protect from the sun's rays, the properties of the clay prevent mold from developing, the seedlings are clean.

Seeds that are simply left in the water can turn sour and become moldy. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to rinse them often. This method is not very convenient because it takes a lot of time.

There are automatic seed germinators, in which it is enough to pour water, pour washed seeds and select the required operating mode. They consist of containers for seeds and water, sprayer and pipes, as well as a small motor and pump.

The system irrigates the seeds as many times as needed, preventing them from drying out.

The advantage of such a system:

  • autonomy, many models allow you to grow several types of grains at the same time in different containers,
  • ease of maintenance,
  • accelerated germination due to the most optimal conditions.

However, such sprouters are expensive, the lower price limit is in the region of nine thousand.
For the first experiment, you can make a sprouter with your own hands: you need two containers, or any two small containers (plastic cups, a saucepan and a colander), which fit into each other, but there is still space for water between them.

Before germination, the seeds are washed with water, the ones that float to the surface are thrown away, the rest are soaked in water for 8-12 hours. Then they are placed in a germinator, if it is ordinary, then the seeds must be washed in the morning and in the evening so that they do not dry out.

Micro farm, mini-town, air garden


This is an automatic seed germinator. With such a device, it becomes easy and beautiful to germinate seeds: through the transparent walls you can observe how in a day or two the seeds begin to hatch and sprouts appear.


This is a more complex system that allows you to grow some plants in the house. In this case, the seeds are planted in the ground in a special tray, or the hydroponics method is used. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, instead of soil, the plants are planted in expanded clay or other drainage and placed in a nutrient solution. Drainage is used so that the plant is rooted and does not fall.

Aerosad - "air garden"

This can be called any germinator in which the seeds are above water, in the air.

You can get a harvest all year round, even in winter you can have fresh sprouts on the kitchen table, the nutrients of which are simply necessary for the body. During the period of exacerbation of diseases, seedlings will help to cope with diseases more quickly.

How to choose the right germinator

When choosing a seed germinator, you need to know how much seedlings you need, how much time you are willing to spend for germination, how much money you are willing to spend on purchasing.

The simplest one is suitable for those who are just starting to germinate seeds, this will allow you to understand: are you really ready to do this seriously.

Characteristics of common sprouts:

  • Low price
  • Simple construction
  • Small volume

This will be enough for beginners, the seedlings are ready after a day from the moment of hatching.

For growing mini-greens, you can make a germinator with an aquarium compressor. The emerging roots of seedlings fall into the water to accelerate growth, the water is enriched with oxygen with the help of a compressor.

Such a setting:

  • has a low cost
  • air circulation eliminates souring and mold
  • plant growth accelerates

The automatic germinator also has these advantages, only it is even more autonomous, it is only necessary to change the water once a day. Some installations offer simultaneous cultivation of several crops, which allows for a diversified diet and saves time.

Of the minuses, we note:

  • high price
  • difficulty in service
  • some models make noise

When choosing an installation, first of all, note the quality, noise level and how much is calculated.

Even a simple installation can give the desired result. It takes a little effort, and as a result, super-healthy foods will appear in the diet.

Sprouts are added to salads, squeezed out of juice, made cocktails, mixed with muesli. It is not customary to subject it to heat treatment: some of the nutrients are destroyed.

For a positive effect, it is recommended to consume 50 grams of sprouts every day: wheat, oats, buckwheat, peas. The choice depends on taste preferences, sprouts have a beneficial effect on human health.

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