What a feijoa looks like: a description of an exotic plant

What a feijoa looks like: a description of an exotic plant

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Feijoa is a fairly useful plant. Some people don't even know what a feijoa looks like. In order to grow it on your site, you need to familiarize yourself with its appearance.


  • What does a feijoa plant look like?
  • What does feijoa fruit look like?
  • What does feijoa look like at home?
  • Useful properties of feijoa

What does a feijoa plant look like?

Feijoa is a small evergreen shrub that has oval-shaped leaves. They are characterized by a pale green color on the upper side. The foliage below is characterized by a silvery gray color. The plant has a rough light brown bark. During flowering, the culture acquires a rather attractive appearance.

Feijoa is characterized by a fairly abundant flowering. The flowers are quite beautiful and bisexual. Their color is pink and the stamens are bright crimson.

The crop is characterized by fleshy petals. The plant has a fairly long flowering. It starts in May and ends in June. Flowering culture is observed on the shoots of the current year. Feijoa is a unique shrub that not only has a visual appeal, but also has many useful properties.

What does feijoa fruit look like?

Feijoa belongs to the category of plants that can bear fruit. The fruits of the plant are oblong berries of a dark green color. The surface of the fruit is slightly bumpy. On average, the weight of the fruit is from 30 to 40 grams. There are varieties that have fairly large berries. One of them can weigh up to 120 grams.

In their smell and taste, the berries resemble plants such as pineapple, strawberry and kiwi. That is why they are widely used for preparing a variety of dishes. Harvesting is recommended even before the berries ripen, which will ensure their most convenient transportation. Feijoa is characterized by the presence of unique fruits that have excellent taste.

What does feijoa look like at home?

Feijoa is a typical representative of the subtropical climate. In order to ensure the full growth and development, as well as the fruiting of a plant at home, it is necessary for it to provide an appropriate climate. Feijoa, which is grown at home, has several distinctive features compared to a wild plant.

Homemade feijoa has very tasty fruits. They are characterized by a very sweet and sour pulp. The plant has a pretty beautiful flowering. It has very complex colors. They have white petals and dark red stamens. Stipules are characterized by a maroon color. As in nature, the plant begins to bloom in May. But, most flowers do not ovary.

In its shape, domestic feijoa resembles a small beautiful tree, which has a rounded shape and brownish bark. Ripening of the fruits of the culture is observed at the end of autumn. In order for the fruits to acquire a pronounced taste, they need to lie down in a cool place for several days. Feijoa, which is grown at home, can bear fruit if the conditions are right for it.

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Useful properties of feijoa

Feijoa is often grown by flower growers, which is explained by the presence of a large number of useful properties: With the help of the fruits of this plant, the fight against vitamin deficiency is carried out. With the regular use of fruits, the possibility of developing cancer is significantly reduced.

The action of feijoa fruits is aimed at strengthening the performance of the immune system. Thanks to the universal properties of the fruits of this plant, memory and attention are improved. If a person is diagnosed with atherosclerosis, then it is imperative that he regularly use feijoa.

The fruits of the culture are quite useful if hemoglobin is reduced in human blood. If a person has a lack of iodine in the body, then he is recommended to use feijoa berries. The composition of the fruit contains a large amount of fiber, which has a positive effect on the performance of the digestive system.

Feijoa is recommended for lowering blood cholesterol levels. With its help, the composition of the blood is significantly improved. Feijoa is an amazing plant that can be used to decorate any room. Due to the huge number of beneficial properties, the general state of human health is strengthened.

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