Dahlia Gallery Valentine: features of growing a flower

Dahlia Gallery Valentine: features of growing a flower

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Dahlia Galleri Valentine belongs to the category of perennial plants that have tuberous roots. The cultivation of this plant has been carried out since ancient times, since it has edible tubers.


  • Description of the plant
  • Flower benefits
  • Care features

Description of the plant

Dahlia grows in the form of a bush, which is short, lush and branched. The plant is characterized by the presence of hollow stems, the height of which is 40 centimeters. The flower has a large number of dark green leaves. Dahlia blooms in red. Double flowers have slightly yellow roots. The flowers can be up to 15 centimeters in diameter.

The plant has beautiful flowers with flat petals. They are characterized by curl and bend slightly towards the stem.

In height, the flower can reach 35-40 centimeters, which allows it to be used as borders. In the autumn period, there is a long and abundant flowering. Due to its attractive appearance, dahlias are used to decorate terraces, verandas and balconies. Dahlia is a very beautiful plant, which is why many flower growers prefer it.

Flower benefits

The indisputable advantage of dahlias is that they are not demanding on growing conditions. Growing a plant can be carried out not only in the sun, but also in the shade. Lighting features do not affect the flowering of the variety. If there is a need for a long flowering of a dahlia, it is recommended to plant it in partial shade.

During the period of flower cultivation, it is recommended to maintain a moderate level of humidity. Since the tubers of the plant can rot, they are not planted in the lowlands. To avoid this trouble, drainage must be organized before planting the crop. For this purpose, expanded clay or broken brick can be used.

Dahlias can fully take root on various types of soil. That is why they can be planted not only in black soil, but also in loamy and sandy soils. Due to the undemandingness of dahlias to the growing conditions, their planting can be carried out in any place convenient for a person.

Care features

Dahlias Galleri Valentine are characterized by ease of care, which allows them to be planted on their site by any interested florist. To ensure the full flowering of a culture, it must provide:

  • Watering
  • Top dressing
  • Stealing

Grasshopping is a procedure that removes excess stems from a flower. This procedure is optional. But, with its help, you can form a beautiful bush. Thanks to pinching, a powerful bush and large buds are obtained. If a small number of shoots remain on the bush, this will lead to their rapid growth and development.

Experts recommend leaving 2-3 shoots on the flower. Pickling should be carried out throughout the season. The flower grower must constantly remove excess shoots from the bush. Dahlias are advised to ensure regular watering. But, overdoing it in this matter is not worth it. Otherwise, the flower will not only lose its beauty, but also perish.

Video on how to plant a dahlia correctly:

Watering is carried out in such a way that the soil is moistened by no more than 30 centimeters. This will ensure that the dahlia is getting the optimal amount of moisture. Fertilization is recommended during the watering period. When growing a crop, it is best to give preference to organic matter, superphosphates, wood ash, and manure.

With high-quality fertilization of the soil during the planting period, the following procedure is recommended after the appearance of the green mass. In the absence of fertilizers during planting, the plant must be fed after a week. To fertilize the plant, holes are dug around its perimeter. Fertilizers are poured into them, and after that, the soil is leveled with a rake. Fertilization should be done once every two months.

Despite the fact that dahlia is a perennial, it is not able to withstand severe frosts. That is why in autumn it is recommended to dig up the tubers and place them in a container with sand. Plant storage is carried out in the cellar. The tubers are planted in the spring after the frosts have passed.

Dahlia is a unique plant that can delight the eye with its beautiful flowering in the fall. Due to the rather low height of the flower, it can be planted anywhere in the flower bed. Caring for the Gallery Valerie dahlia is quite simple, which allows any flower grower to grow a flower. When all the rules of care are followed, it is possible to obtain a lush flower.

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