How to grow a good harvest of carrots on your own

How to grow a good harvest of carrots on your own

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The carrot, known to everyone from childhood, from a botanical point of view, belongs to the sowing subspecies of wild carrots from the Umbrella family. At first glance, everything is simple enough to sow and wait for the harvest of "roots". We will try to find out how to grow a good harvest of carrots in our personal garden.


  • Carrot. Seed selection
  • How to choose a place and dig up a bed for carrots
  • Sowing carrots and taking care of seedlings

Carrot. Seed selection

The success of any crop depends on the acquisition of quality seed or planting material. Each garden plant has its own characteristics. Carrots are no exception in this regard. Carrots are biennial plants. To independently obtain seed material in the spring of the second year, you need to plant root crops in the soil, which will give a peduncle and seeds.

Thus, seeds for sowing can only be obtained after two years. It is advisable to do this if the carrot is varietal and, according to its characteristics, is of interest for cultivation.

Now there is no shortage of carrot seeds for every color, taste and size. Therefore, for growing carrots in your own garden, it is most convenient to buy them in specialized stores. Important! Pay attention to the date of collection and packaging of carrot seeds. After harvesting, they remain viable for no longer than 4 years.

Carrot seeds of several varieties are sold:

  • simple seeds, their advantage is not a very high price, their disadvantage is their small size, it does not allow sowing at the required distance
  • seeds in granules, large granules are easier to sow, the disadvantage of such seeds is that additional moisture is required to dissolve the shells
  • seeds in rolls, paper roll with evenly glued seeds is very convenient to roll out
  • tinted seeds, more visible in the soil when sowing, which makes it possible to spread them more evenly in the groove

It is customary to cultivate table varieties of carrots in a personal garden. They can be selected according to the ripening period and size. In addition, varieties of different colors of root crops are now gaining popularity. You can buy Dragon seeds and get purple roots, or opt for the Yellowstone yellow carrots.

If the farm has livestock or rabbits, then fodder carrot seeds can be selected. Feeding it to milk-producing animals increases milk yield and product quality.

How to choose a place and dig up a bed for carrots

Carrots are sensitive to soil fertility and mechanical structure. It will not show all its varietal qualities if it grows on heavy clay soil. Stony soil will also not yield a good harvest. It is advisable to choose a site with sandy loam or loamy soil. The acidity should be close to neutral.

Considering that carrots love good lighting, then, accordingly, the garden bed with it should be located in an open place, and not in the shade of trees or buildings. Predecessors are important. For carrots, the best crops will be:

  • tomato
  • potato
  • peppers
  • peas
  • bow
  • beans

If a carrot or dill grew in the garden, then for four years it is not worth sowing carrots in this place. You can not choose for her poorly cultivated areas with a large amount of weed vegetation. It will grow up much earlier than this culture and will "beat" it.

The beds for spring planting are prepared in the fall. For sowing before winter, the land must be prepared 5-6 weeks before it. The soil is dug up on one and a half bayonets of a shovel with a simultaneous rise of 35 - 40 cm. Under the digging of heavier earth, 3-5 kg ​​of peat per square meter must be added. m. Will not harm this culture and the introduction of ash in the amount of 0.5 kg per sq. m. m.

But fresh manure for carrots is harmful. Improves the soil and 5 kg of sand applied to each square. m area. If the soil is clay, then the amount of sand is increased to 10 - 12 kg and 30 - 40 g of phosphate fertilizers are added. 10 kg of sod land per square meter is introduced into the sandy soil. m.

Sowing carrots and taking care of seedlings

Sowing carrots before winter

This seeding method has its advantages. The main one is the earlier shoots of carrots. Consequently, the root crops will get more moisture and they will be larger and juicier. Carrots sown before winter germinate before the sun dries up the earth.

For winter sowing, it is better to choose medium or early varieties of carrots. Sowing dates depend on climate and weather. It is optimal to sow carrots on slightly frozen soil. In most regions, the best time for winter planting will be late October - early November.

Important! Keep part of the soil warm, it will be needed to fill the seeds after sowing into the grooves. Also, grooves need to be made several days in advance. If the soil is sandy, their depth should be 2 - 3 cm. In clay soil, 1 - 1.5 cm is enough. After sowing, the seeds are covered with the stored earth.

Video about the new method of planting carrots:

Everything is mulched with peat or humus. The thickness of the mulch layer is 2-3 cm. From above it can be slightly compacted and covered with branches. This will keep it from being deflated. After a snowfall, additional snow can be added to the garden bed.

How to sow carrots in spring

If the carrot bed has not been prepared since autumn, then it is advisable to dig it up 10 to 12 days before sowing. The depth of the grooves during spring sowing is 0.8 - 1.0 cm. Before sowing, simple seeds can be soaked for half an hour in potassium permanganate or any growth stimulator. Important! Granulated seeds are not soaked. Place the seeds in the groove at a distance of 2 cm.

Even if the seedlings need to be thinned, this can be done without fear of damaging the roots of neighboring plants. Spring sowing time begins around mid-May. If the harvest of carrots of autumn sowing is unsuitable for long-term storage in winter, then the harvest from spring sowing is laid for storage until spring.


Carrot planting care is not difficult. It consists of two main activities such as thinning and weed removal. The first thinning should be done two to three weeks after germination. This event requires attention and accuracy, since the carrot is still very small at this time.

Between adjacent carrots, after the first thinning, there should be intervals of 3-4 cm, and after the second - 6-8 cm.Large varieties may need another thinning to increase the distance to 10-12 cm.In addition, carrot seedlings must be protected from carrot flies ...

This can be done by planting onions among the carrots. Following the recommendations will help you get a good harvest of root crops, which will be enough for the whole winter.

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