How to grow grapes on your own Black Delight, the dignity of the variety

How to grow grapes on your own Black Delight, the dignity of the variety

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Even ancient people, mastering the first basics of folk selection, found grape bushes in ancient forests. So it turned out from wild species of cultivated grapes.

It is almost impossible to accurately calculate the number of modern grape varieties; their number is approaching five thousand. One of them is black delight grapes. We will try to find out about the outstanding properties of this variety. Why is it recommended for cultivation in amateur and industrial viticulture and is there any disadvantages of this variety.


  • Advantages and disadvantages of Black Delight grapes
  • How and where to plant black delight grapes
  • What you need to know about growing delight black grapes

Advantages and disadvantages of Black Delight grapes

Working on obtaining new varieties and hybrid forms, breeders set themselves the task of developing varieties that would surpass the parental forms in their characteristics. They worked on obtaining the delight of black in the Russian Research Institute of Viticulture in Novocherkassk. A group of winegrowers - breeders worked on the variety:

  • Potapenko Ya.I.
  • Skripnikova A. S
  • I. A. Kostrikin

The variety was obtained more than 30 years ago. Since then, more than 2 million bushes have been grown in Russia alone, both in industrial and amateur vineyards. To obtain the variety, a rather complex step-by-step combination was used. At the final stage, the varieties Zarya Severa, Dolores, Russian Early were used.

Good winter hardiness was transferred from the Zarya Severa variety to the new grapes, from the Dolores variety it received table taste qualities with nutmeg notes, and from the Early Russian - early ripeness.

Thus, black delight grapes are able to please with an early harvest, even in areas with risky farming. Its berries ripen in 115 days even in Siberia, the Urals and the Far East. You can start harvesting in the second half of August. The flowers of this variety are female. Well pollinated by any variety with bisexual flowers.

Bushes are vigorous, clusters are large. The average weight of bunches is about 500 g. However, subject to agricultural technology and favorable weather conditions, the weight of the brushes can be even more than 2 kg. The brushes are quite dense, their shape is usually cylindrical. The berries are dark blue in color. The shape is oval or round. The pulp is sweet, fleshy, the amount of sugar is about 17 - 18%. Acidity from 5 to 9 g / l. Berries weight 7 g.

Advantages of the black delight variety:

  • abundant fruiting
  • high, up to 200 c / ha, yield
  • long-term, up to 1.5 months, the presence of berries on the bushes without cracking
  • wasp damage and loss of quality
  • good keeping quality and transportability
  • large grains and large berries
  • satisfactory resistance to powdery mildew
  • frost-resistant, withstands low temperatures up to - 25
  • early maturity, yields a harvest from the second - third year

The disadvantages of the variety include:

  • low tolerance to gray mold
  • compulsory crop rationing

Despite the ease of cultivation, you need to know some of the planting features in order to get a good and tasty harvest of black delight grapes.

How and where to plant black delight grapes

When choosing a place for planting black delight grapes, you need to take into account that this variety will best develop on the southern slopes, protected from the wind by various buildings or special walls. Loose sandy loam and loamy soils with good fertility are suitable for cultivation.

Planting material can be:

  • actual root seedlings
  • grafted seedlings
  • cuttings with roots

The planting hole is prepared up to 0.5 m deep and the same width. A mound is poured at the bottom of the pit. The roots of the seedling are preliminarily dipped in a clay mash. The seedling is placed in a hole, the roots are straightened and covered with soil. The seedling is watered and the ground part, if necessary, is shortened to several healthy buds. Planting is carried out both in spring and autumn.

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It is important to take into account the strength of the growth of this variety and arrange the seedlings in such a way that at least 2 sq. m. area. In the first year after planting, seedlings need regular watering, especially in the absence of natural precipitation. The Black Delight grape variety has some peculiarities in further cultivation.

What you need to know about growing delight black grapes

This variety can be grown as a gazebo or wall culture. The bushes of this variety are very responsive to watering. It needs to be provided with grapes from about mid-June to mid-July. Such a technique will increase the yield by 30%, while the weight of the berries can increase to 8-10 g. To increase the yield, you need to plant a grape variety next to it, blooming with black delight and having bisexual flowers.

Pruning is also important for growing. It is recommended to cut into 10 eyes, in some cases, given the high ability of the near-stem eyes to give a large yield, you can also prune 4 eyes. In addition, the following agrotechnical measures are required:

  • crop rationing
  • pinching the tops of the shoots before flowering
  • removal of thickening shoots
  • preventive spraying with Bordeaux liquid in May - June

In conclusion, mention must be made of the use of black delight grapes. The purpose of the variety is table. The berries are used fresh and can be used as raw materials in homemade preparations for the winter.

It can be recommended for food to normalize blood pressure and disorders of the heart and blood vessels. The berries of the Black Delight variety have a mild diuretic effect. In addition to berries, you can also use grape leaves. A decoction of them is indicated for gargling with tonsillitis, and when ingested crushed dry leaves inside, you can stop internal bleeding.

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